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Dissertation Proposal is a Rehearsal of Your Dissertation Project

Dissertation Proposal Is a Preliminary Work on Your Dissertation

Dissertation proposal is a preliminary work on the dissertation project. It is the same complicated and responsible job as dissertation is. It is even more complicated as here you are to show your competence in the field of study and interest in the subject to be researched. You have to develop viable hypothesis and present it in the context. It takes many pains to complete really sustainable research proposal for a dissertation.

The outline of dissertation proposal is somewhat identical to any research paper format. It have the following constituent parts:

INTRODUCTION. It presents the principle research issue and summarizes the background for it. It demonstrates your awareness of problem significance and your ability to cope with this job.

PROBLEM STATEMENT includes specific questions, context and background of the problem as well as significance of researching this type of issue.

LITERATURE REVIEW gives a theoretical framework and key issues to be explored. Starting with overview of key concepts, do not miss to identify the gaps who are going to patch in the process of your scientific work.

METHODOLOGY presents methods of research and analysis, methodological strengths and weaknesses



Thus dissertation proposal is a kind of preliminary research before you delve into research and work over your dissertation. You have to demonstrate that you are well-informed about the topic and can adequately explore in more detail. Your task is to develop an idea and research direction which can be further elaborated in essay writing.

While in dissertation proposal you develop certain ideas and conceptualize, in dissertation you have to find proofs for your suggestions and hypothesis. Sometimes, it happens that data collected contrast your hypothetic ideas and you have to re-explore an issue. However, it should not disappoint you as research writing is a creative process and your proposal is nothing more than a blueprint or a guide for further work and analysis.

In writing dissertation, you are not alone. It is support of dissertation chair you can rely on. You should trust your tutor with any bold suggestions as to the dissertation proposal and be ready to change for something one offers. You can also create a group of students working on dissertations and provide feedback for each other. It is always good to have a writing assistant who can help out with any questions.

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