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Hanson’s fourth studio album, The Walk, has live energy that is unique from previous albums. “We really wanted to bring the energy from our live show more and more into the sound of our studio albums.  That’s why we decided to record everything live off the floor for this album,” says guitarist Isaac.  In addition to the live energy, the band also acquired the talents of famed producer Danny Kortchmar (Don Henley, Billy Joel, James Taylor).  The Walk continues to reveal a band that is not afraid to inspire and be inspired.  During the recording of the album, the band made a humanitarian trip to several African countries, recording local children’s choirs in each country. Those recordings are featured on the songs Been There Before, and Great Divide

The Walk Deluxe includes the Walk CD + the Walk Acoustic Live DVD
Recorded on May 6th, 2007 the DVD contains a selection of songs from The Walk, as well as new songs performed acoustically in the round. The DVD is made for all regions so all fans can enjoy this one of a kind performance.

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01 - Ngi Ne Themba (I Have Hope)
02 - Great Divide
03 - Been There Before
04 - Georgia
05 - Watch Over Me
06 - Running Man
07 - Go
08 - Fire On The Mountain
09 - One More
10 - Blue Sky
11 - Tearing It Down
12 - Something Going Round
13 - Your Illusion
14 - The Walk

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