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Hanson’s debut album, Middle of Nowhere, hit the music world at a time when grunge still had a strangle hold on the listening public. The band’s brand of Motown-influenced pop/rock filled the void with something different that appealed to many.  The singles “MMMBop,” and “Where’s the Love” paid tribute to the band’s roots in 50s & 60s rock ‘n’ roll, while songs such as “Weird” and “I Will Come To You,” gave rise to the idea that there was much more to come from this young band (Isaac, 16, Taylor, 14, & Zac, 11) out of Tulsa.

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01 - Thinking Of You
02 - Mmmbop
03 - Weird
04 - Speechless
05 - Where's The Love
06 - Yearbook
07 - Look At You
08 - Lucy
09 - I Will Come To You
10 - A Minute Without You
11 - Madeline
12 - With You In Your Dreams
21 - Man From Milwaukee