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HANSON I String Theory brings together an exciting collaboration of song-craftmanship and symphonic spectacle framing the established Grammy nominated multi platinum pop-rock trio’s music through a special symphonic collaboration with academy award winning composer and arranger David Campbell. The 22 song double album spans the bands career including some of their best known material (MmmBop, Where’s The Love, This Time Around, I Was Bornand more) alongside brand new or never released to the public songs (Reaching For The Sky, Battle Cry, Breaktown, No Rest For The Weary)which tell a story of aspiration, despair, fortitude and ultimately a return to optimism.

The Album, features brand new and rearranged recordings of 22 songs with the full symphonic orchestration highlighting the bands music and craftsmanship on a scale never done before. For the first time ever, this product is also able to be seen in it’s entirety live on stage throughout North America in 2018 and internationally in 2019 as a part of the String Theory Tour.

The String Theory Deluxe Package includes everything you need to get the full String Theory experience.  In addition to the Double CD album it includes the String Theory Playbill and The Theory Of Everything (DVD Documentary) which takes you through the reasons behind String Theory and why it was such an important project for HANSON at this point in the bands career. 

The Theory Of Everything (Documentary)
What is HANSON String Theory?  Learn the story behind HANSON’s career spanning new project String Theory in this documentary. Go behind the scenes during recording, and witness never before seen footage of the band rehearsing the live concert with a full symphony orchestra.  

The String Theory playbill is the perfect companion for your concert experience, including information about the music, the story and a great way to commemorate this one of a kind album and tour.

Songs included in the String Theory Double CD
Reaching For The Sky (Part 1)
Joyful Noise
Where’s The Love
Dream It Do It
Chasing Down My Dreams
Tragic Symphony
Got A Hold On Me
Siren Call
Me Myself And I
Reaching For The Sky (Part 2)
This Time Around
Something Going Round
Battle Cry
You Can’t Stop Us
Broken Angel
What Are We Fighting For
No Rest For The Weary
I Was Born
Sound of Light

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