Scavenger Hunt

HDay 2023

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In 2023 we are taking everything we have learned doing online scavenger hunts and elevating it to the next level combining real world locations with brand new online features resulting in a HANSON Day scavenger hunt like never before!

After you get to Tulsa and register, your hunt will begin, but it will be up to you how long it will take to complete. Participants will receive special event specific profile PINs for every puzzle they solve, as well as a real world Lapel PIN they can wear to let other members know they are playing. Members who complete all the puzzles before the end of the day Saturday will be awarded a completion PIN for their profile in recognition of their extraordinary puzzling skills.

Players must be in Tulsa to play.
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2023 - Saturday, May 13, 2023
Location: downtown Tulsa

Ticket: $20, ticket includes special edition lapel pin
$22 at Registration if available.


Due to the nature of this event tickets are not able to be exchanged, refunded, transferred or exchanged for credit. You can view the full HANSON Day 2023 Refund Policy in the Store FAQ.



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