CBIB Sticker Set


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CBIB Sticker Set.

1 HANSON Logo Waffle - Circle - 3 inches
1 Will Break Fast For Waffles - Rectangle 3 x 9 inches
1 HANSON - Rectangle 2 x 6 inches
1 CBIB - Rectangle 3 x 4 1/2  inches

Material: Similar material as the Sticker and Magnet Set. Vinyl Permanent Adhesive Sticker. 6 Millimeters Thick. This is a different material then the material used for the white outline and black outline stickers that were released in May 2020.

*This is a pre-order item and may not begin shipping until September 30th 2020. 
Any item ordered with this item will be held and not shipped until this item is shipped.

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