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ANTHEM ; A rousing or uplisting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.

In this special live performance event captured in the spring of 2013 in New York City, the three time Grammy nominated, pop-rock trio HANSON bring the music from their sixth studio album, ANTHEM to the stage and to their fans for the first time.

With two hours of music, including twenty seven songs, this live concert captures the most robust single performance product the band has ever put together, highlighting the vast catalog of music released over the past twenty one years performing together, spanning all six of their studio albums and many of their hits (Mmmbop, Where's The Love, If Only, This Time Around, Penny and Me, and more) as well as many fan favorites and brand new music from their acclaimed album all coming to life on stage.

The product also includes a two disc CD set that have the live audio recordings of 27 songs.

02 - In The City
03 - I've Got Soul
04 - Where's The Love
05 - This Time Around
06 - Scream And Be Free
07 - You Can't Stop Us
08 - Save Me
09 - On and On
10 - Change In My Life
11 - Juliet
12 - Watch Over Me
13 - Lost Without You
14 - A Minute Without You
15 - Waiting For This
16 - Penny & Me
17 - Something Going Round
18 - Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
19 - Cut Right Through Me
20 - Give A Little
21 - If Only
22 - MMMBop
23 - Get The Girl Back
24 - Tonight
25 - For Your Love
26 - Crazy Beautiful
27 - Already Home

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