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Jul 09, 2004 | 

LOS ANGELES, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Earlier this year the fastest growing Chinese advertising agency DMG (Dynamic Marketing Group) showed its prowess in the mainland China marketplace by winning the prestigious Volkswagen China Brand campaign in a six-way agency pitch.

DMG swept the event beating out DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, O & M, Grey, and BBDO in both strategic and creative rounds. DMG's pitch for the brand campaign involved the use of the US band HANSON and their song "I Will Come to You." Upon winning the account DMG enlisted the help of Hollywood based management/production shingle H2F Entertainment to track down Hanson and secure the rights to their song.

"Volkswagen felt the song fit the campaign perfectly, so we told H2F to go get it," said DMG's Chief Creative Officer/Partner Dan Mintz. "The combination of Jordan Berliant's (Hanson's manager) desire to build the band's awareness in China and Hanson's patience made our job easy," said H2F partner Chris Fenton. "They signed on immediately."

"I Will Come To You" will be used in all forms of media in the mainland China marketplace. "The television exposure alone will dwarf the exposure typical ad campaigns here in the US can achieve. Keep in mind, there are more teenagers in China than people in the United States. Hanson's record sales will reflect this as the campaign moves forward," Mintz stated. Hanson is currently enjoying huge success in Asia with their newly released CD, Underneath. To capitalize on the massive media exposure, the band's Asian label, Sony Music Asia, will be releasing a special version of the album that contains a recent live recording of "I Will Come To You" as an Asian exclusive bonus track. A live performance of the song is also included on the band's forthcoming DVD release, Underneath Acoustic Live (Warner Music Vision), and the band is planning a November tour of Asia.

DMG, Volkswagen, and H2F are also planning a concert/publicity tour for Hanson this fall in China which Volkswagen will partly sponsor. "This is just the beginning for US based talent and the opportunities in China. Hanson will be the first to enjoy the ride. DMG and H2F look forward to creating a continuous pipeline between Hollywood and China for all artists. Actors, Musicians, Filmmakers, Athletes, and other celebrities will find lucrative Chinese endorsement and marketing opportunities that, until now, were overly complicated or nonexistent," said Mintz.

DMG, founded in 1994, employs 350 people in five Chinese cities. DMG is primarily focused in the Chinese marketplace. Its affiliation with the partners of H2F Entertainment started in 2000.

Volkswagen is the long time leader in the China automobile market with a twenty-year history and a sizable 40% market share. This is the first time that such a brand campaign for VW will be launched in China. This year China became the largest single market for Volkswagen, ahead of the US and Germany.

Source: Dynamic Marketing Group

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