Hard At Work!

Jul 03, 2020 | Admin

As expected with the launch of any new software there will be some bugs and glitches, but we are excited to share our programming team has been hard at work to get the new Hanson.net up to 100% to give everyone in the community the best possible experience while spending time on H.net.

Recent Fix's

  • Friend / PM Buttom
    • Mobile users were reporting not seeing the add friend and PM button on their friend page. It should now be visible
  • Media Player Pins
    • Members reported that some albums were not awarding Pins, even after listening to said album multiple times. We discovered an input error that has now been corrected on the reported albums.
      • Middle Of Everywhere
      • Finally It's Christmas
      • Stand Up Stand Up
      • Take The Walk EP
      • SNowed In
      • Animal Instincs
      • IN Color
      • Play
      • Music Made For Humans
      • Live And Electric
      • Inside The Box
  • Upload Errors
    • In our rush to upload all the music in the media player several errors were made that have now been corrected.
      • Animal Instincs
      • The Walk
      • Live And Electric
  • Check-In Pin
    • We discovered that duplicate legacy data from the last generation of the site was causing some members to appear checked in, but was not awarding the associated Pin. This error has been corrected and all members who checked-in from Friday through Sunday have been awarded the Petes Dragon Launch Pin.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for being a part of the community.

Forum Comments

Love the media player, but I noticed I'm still not getting the pins for MOE, FIC, or Snowed In. Not sure if anyone else is having an issue?

Posted Jul 18, 2020   01:50:01 AM

3 1

I have the same problem but Leigh has said that they are working on some of pins at the moment so we will get them when they are ready 🙂

Posted Jul 18, 2020   02:50:05 AM

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