Cory Wong's Syncopated SuperJam @ Bonnaroo

May 04, 2023 | Admin

We are pleased to announce that HANSON will be performing at Cory Wong's Syncopated SuperJam @ Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN on June 17, 2023. For details, go to our Calendar page.

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Kaitlin Walbright / Reynoldsburg, OH, US

OH my god.

do we have to buy a full bonaroo ticket for this?

Posted May 4, 2023   01:20:27 PM

Oh wow. Suddenly I feel like a senior in high school again wanting to go to Bonnaroo. I wish we could go to this without going to the rest of the festival though. This looks like a super cool thing. 

Posted May 4, 2023   01:38:02 PM

They have single day tickets listed on their website.

Great for them for exposure, but giant festivals are a thing of my past, lol, and especially this considering it's not a Hanson set/show.

Hope everyone that's going has a great time though!

Posted May 4, 2023   01:44:17 PM

@stephitz I’m with you lol I don’t think my body can handle this 

Posted May 4, 2023   02:11:25 PM

Also… just wanna say that I’m LOVING all these announcements. Keep ‘em coming!

Posted May 4, 2023   02:14:40 PM

cool where is this tay my hero

Posted May 4, 2023   02:14:54 PM

I'm assuming this is a short guest appearance and not a full Hanson concert. Does anyone know for sure?

Posted May 4, 2023   03:37:44 PM


Kaylei Smith / Christiana, Tennessee, US

This is just about an hour away from my house😮🤩❤️💚💙 I’m so going 😆

Posted May 4, 2023   07:56:34 PM

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