RGB Tour Openers

Jul 07, 2022 | Admin

HANSON is pleased to announce the openers for the US/CAN leg of the Red Green Blue Tour.

  • 12 July - 31 July: John Calvin Abney
  • 05 Aug - 20 Aug: Allen Mack Myers Moore
  • 21 Aug - 14 Sep: The Grand Southern

One of the many great things about being on the road is sharing the stage with musical friends and this tour is no exception. Our guests will join us at different points during the tour and we know you are all going to love the music they will be sharing! 

Forum Comments

Whoop! Fargo is gonna be awesome!!

Posted Jul 7, 2022   09:11:53 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

Wow this is even more exciting I’d love to see Myers playing with Hanson one of those nights. That would be a good laugh for sure πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™. Will be kicking off all summer long β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’™looking forward to itΒ 

Posted Jul 7, 2022   09:34:52 PM


Alex Rackley / Alexander, Arkansas, US

I'm glad y'all are having opening bands it's not a real concert with out an opening band

Posted Jul 8, 2022   10:35:01 AM

Looking forward to seeing these different bands open on the U.S leg of the tour. I'll have to check them out online before the tour starts.

Posted Jul 9, 2022   12:31:25 AM


vanesa traverso / Quilmes, Buenos Aires, AR


Posted Jul 30, 2022   02:06:09 PM

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