HANSON: Going All Digital

Sep 15, 2021 | HANSON

Over the past five years we have seen a dramatic shift in the way our community and music fans at large listen to music, moving away from physical CDs choosing instead to have instant access to entire catalogs of music through streaming and digital platforms.

Starting in 2022 the Hanson.net membership will now be exclusively digital. Your membership will still include all the same members only music, content, events, streams and activities but the annual Members EP will now be delivered to all members as a digital download.

2020 marked a new era for Hanson.net with the launch of a new streamlined design and an increased focus on mobile users. Over the past year and a half, we have used Hanson.net like never before launching projects and activities from HNet Explorer (Online Scavenger Hunt) to the HANSON Time Podcast (HTP), featuring member’s interviews and games. This year, we have shared more Live Streaming events than ever before and we are continuing to invest in new technology to make every stream look and sound better. For many members the best way to listen is the Hanson.net Media Player. Browse from your phone or computer and have instant access to nearly 30 years of music and starting today we are adding three new features to make it even better.

  • Repeat Album
    • o Listen to your favorite album on repeat.
  • Categories (Albums, Live, Podcast, Member EPs)
    • o Find what you’re looking for fast.
  • Shuffle
    • o Turn any category into HANSON Radio, or shuffle everything at once.

With the addition of these features, we are making it easier for you to enjoy all the music we have to offer and we are paving the way for even more music in the future.

Member EPs will still be made available in limited quantities through the Hanson.net store.

Forum Comments


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA

I just checked out the media player and I Love the changes! 

Also, the quality of the streams (the last couple ones) has been such a great improvement. Even the nightcap was perfect quality. Thank you guys (and team) for the livestreams and all the work that goes into this site!  

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:06:31 PM


MARIO MATUS / Santiago , Región Metropolitana , CL


Disappointing news. I’d rather have physical music and also digital on my IPhone. :-(

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:13:38 PM


Michelle Munier / Hubert, NC, US

Awesome updates!! Thank you guys and team for listening to the fans 🙌🏼❤️ 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:14:22 PM


Michelle Munier / Hubert, NC, US

Although I will say I am super bummed to no longer be receiving the physical CDs 🥺

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:15:07 PM

This is very sad…. 

Will the price stay the same since we won’t be receiving the EP? 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:16:13 PM

14 1 1

I thought if you signed up for auto renewal it was digital but if not you can renew when you wanted to and choose a physical EP? 🙍🏻‍♀️

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:17:30 PM

I often thought about going digital but it was a hard decision to make. I like collecting but also don’t play CDs anymore. Now with it all digital I can save space 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:18:05 PM


"Although I will say I am super bummed to no longer be receiving the physical CDs"

You will still be able to purchase the physical EPs separately if you wish. They will be available in limited quantities, most likely around HDay each year.

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:18:39 PM

This makes me very very very upset!!!! I always prefer having physical cds 🤦🏼‍♀️😫😖😠 so much for that I guess. 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:22:15 PM


Erica Gee / Carlton, MN, US

3 10

This is super disappointing to be honest. I've always waited for new CDs/EPs to listen to on my commute and really experience the new music. I'm not a fan of digital music and listen to it far less than physical copies due to it not being as accessible. 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:22:44 PM


Oh good, love that buying the cd will be an option! Super excited for the new media player features as well 😊

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:23:22 PM

I was really always hoping this day would never come. Ugh. 💔

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:23:28 PM


Holly Snider / Conway, South Carolina, US

I'm happy for the media player updates! I stream it in my car on my drive to work a lot, and the biggest downside is not being able to control it through my car controls (so I can't skip anything). This is particularly annoying when I want to listen to the Against The World songs because the next thing in the media player that autoplays once ATW finishes is the podcast, and I really don't care to listen to the same episodes I've heard over and over again. Being able to filter to just albums or EPs will fix that, so thanks!

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:24:25 PM


Andrea Hardy / Rindge, NH, US

Super bummed about this. Even though I do listen to most music digitally, I still like having a physical cd as well. 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:25:59 PM

I literally have been waiting for the cd this year because I only played each digital song once. I listen to cds in my car and I work on my phone while driving so if I have it connected to Bluetooth then I can't hear the music because of all of my notifications. I'm extremely disappointed in one song each month and now this. I know most people only bring praise no matter what but I'm real. Yes I love you yes I'm angry. 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:26:47 PM


alexis brunson / lutherville, md, US


I LOVE getting the physical copy of the EP in the mail and the excitement around not knowing exactly when it will show up in my mailbox. So while I’m glad we can still purchase at limited quantities, I don’t see why those who want the physical CD can’t just choose the option when they sign up/renew membership. 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:29:23 PM

Loved the changes! Please keep with live straming next year as well! 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:30:09 PM


I was a little bummed about this, but Leigh stated that we can still purchase the physical EP, so yay to that! 🎉 😊

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:31:31 PM


alexis brunson / lutherville, md, US


Also just want to add that I’m super excited to hear about the shuffle button in the media player. I literally just talked about wanting that as an option like two days ago! ❤️ 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:32:10 PM


Koriann Kent / Waverly, IA, US

Instead of taking things away or offering limited quantities, idk why you wouldn't roll out each option at different times to capitalize off of it. Taylor Swift does it all the time. Do I have 4 copies of Folklore for no reason? Yup. Digital is fastest and I wanted it day of. Done. But also wanted a physical copy. Oh a vinyl option? Ok…3rd copy purchased. Now you’re offering signed CDs?! Yes again. 4 copies. 1 person. Dumb but am I mad about it? Nope. 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:32:20 PM

I really like the changes on the media player and I completely understand that some artists are going completely digital, but I need to say that I'm really upset by this... collecting the physical members CDs is like a memento from my HNet membership that I look forward to every year.

You will still be able to purchase the physical EPs separately if you wish. They will be available in limited quantities, most likely around HDay each year.
So, this means I'll have to pay extra for the cd + international shipping, aside from my membership? Guys c'mon, help a poor fan overseas :( 
The physical membership should continue the way it is and a cheaper digital-only membership could be created for the ones who decide not to have the physical cd. 
Just my two cents, I can't really justify/afford paying the anual membership plus paying extra for the CD + international shipping! 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:33:45 PM

Will the membership be cheaper then since we will have to buy our own EPs? 

Literally the main reason why I kept my memberhsip was for the yearly physical EP… 

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:34:03 PM


Candice Bagan / Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA


I’m super Sad about no physical EP copy we have to do it separate but that’s OK I’ll make sure I get a physical copy

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:34:54 PM


Holly Frees / Nashville, TN, US

Will the membership be cheaper then since we will have to buy our own EPs? 

This is what I'm wondering as well.

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:38:51 PM

:(  "You will still be able to purchase the physical EPs separately if you wish. They will be available in limited quantities, most likely around HDay each year"....

Sooo, we will still be paying the $40. for the membership, but if we want a physical CD we will have to pay extra for that too?

Like others that have said, I'm not a fan of going strictly digital, I prefer actual CD's.  :(

Posted Sep 15, 2021   07:39:00 PM

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