Jun 07, 2016 | ZacHanson

What's Next For HANSON?

The next musical project we are releasing is going to be Play, but as we are nearly finished recording Play the logical question is always what’s next? 

During The State Of The Band talk at HANSON Day we shared some of our plans for the coming year.  For the next few weeks we will continue to share videos and photos from Loud.  This summer will be a little quiet partly because of the growth of my family, but in the fall we will be recording again.  Fans have asked us for years about a follow up to Snowed In, a second Christmas album.  This fall we will go into the studio with bells on (actual bells) and record a full length Christmas album we are calling A Wintery Mix.  Though it will not release until 2017 Hanson.net members will get to go behind the scenes as we record it this year.  2017 marks the 25th year of HANSON,  yeah that sounds crazy, but it is true! We are planning to celebrate our bands birthday in style (meaning wearing stylish furry hats) and taking the celebration on the road with a world tour all leading to the release of a brand new full-length album. 25/7.  We are not ready to announce where we will be heading just yet, but we plan to share the tour dates and locations soon enough for everyone to have plenty of time to make plans to come see as many shows as they would like.

25 years feels like a big moment, it feels like something worth remembering, and worth celebrating.  We have had so many high moments and plenty of rough patches along the way, many more then the world will ever know (until I get a book deal) but our connection to each other and our music and to all of you has pulled us through every time.  There is a lot to be thankful for, and a whole lot more to look forward to.


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Esther Sharp
Los Lunas, New Mexico, US

Really excited about the things that coming within this next year and happy with your new baby! 



Thank you for the update.  I second fanson84's question!!  And congrats to you and your family!



Jackie Chavez
West Olive, MI, US

Congratulations on the new family addition! I can't wait to see and hear what you guys have in store for us :)


@daisy and fra11guly

I don't think the  new album will be released next year, he says "all leading to the release...." it makes me think they'll publish it after the anniversary tour, maybe in jan or feb....while the Christmas album has to be released way before Christmas



Tonie Montgomery
Puyallup, WA, US

Zac, blessings to you and your family as you grow 2 feet.

Thank you for sharing some Hanson insider info. Not sure about the Christmas album title though. Is that subject to change???



 and bless your  family and you,.



Congratulations on almost 25 years as a band.  You've all come a long way.  Can't wait for everything that's in store for this year and next!



Teresa Moore
Tulsa, OK, US

I can't handle the anticipation for all that's happening in 2017! I'm already saving my pennies for this 25/7 world tour! And I'd totally read your book, Zac! ;) 



Emma Willis
Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

Question... Will you be releasing a line of Hanson branded stylish furry hats? You know, so we can all celebrate in style with you. 



Thanks to Hanson we've all had this amazing journey with them over so many years. It's so exciting that it will continue with the new music and touring next year. I'm so happy they are sharing the video's of the making of the christmas album and the new album in the process. Can't wait !!!!!!

That's why I love this band so much, we get to share their history and now their future just by being a fan of this amazing band. That book Zac is talking about would be a very interesting read. They could each probably write a book and have a different story to tell.


Camila Alves
São Paulo, São Paulo, BR

Can't wait! <3 and congrats Zac!


I love you guys! :D 



hanson you have changed my life forever thank you for everything you have done and tay amazi n to so is ike and zac to see you guys n in july to ok. and on the tour yes



Missy Buckman
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US

I cannot wait to hear some tour dates and hopefully I be able to go to a show or two,,,, hopefully. and congratulations coming soon to the growth of your family Zac. 



Lars Hansen
Knapstad, ostfold, NO

Awesome! 2017 is going to rock!



Kelsey Wetmore
Greensburg, PA, US

Can't wait for all the new music and hopefully a tour date in Pittsburgh or Greensburg! If you don't already have a venue in mind, may I suggest The Palace Theatre? It's a really nice venue! And congrats Zac on your new addition. :) <3

Is it sad that I'm already picturing A Wintery Mix, and 25/7's album art? lol It won't happen, but I think it would be really cool if they staged a snowball fight for the cover of the new Christmas album; one in the midst of throwing a snowball, another just missing one, and the third getting smacked in the face with one.

25/7's could feature photos of Hanson over the course of their 25 year history, with a prominent and unique new photo in the center. The older photos could be in black and white and the new photo could be in color. I think it would look awesome.

You always manage to create exciting visuals to go with your music and photography for your album art is no different. Just thought I'd mention that. :) I'm really excited for all that 2016-2017 will have to offer!



Aww Yay!!! This has made my day!!! Love, love, love Hanson Christmas songs! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxx



Kirrilee Robinson
Singleton, NSW, AU

Congratulations to you and your family on the pending arrival of your new addition Zac, hope everything goes well xo

I am super excited about the world tour and the studio album, can't hardly wait!

25 years as a band, wow!  It seems like such a long time, and it is, but you guys are still way too young to be writing your life stories yet.  Maybe on your 50th anniversary! :) haha



Cassandra Wunsch
London, ON, CA

So much greatness in one post!!! :D


bronwyn lee huntbach
Melbourne , Victoria, AU

Congratulations Zac with your new addition to your family 



Sara Steines
La Crosse, WI, US

congrats on the new chitlin! sooo looking forward to all that to come! and will you please write a book? I would buy several copies :D



Amy Peine
Rice, MN, US

Valid point on the release time frame for the Christmas album. 



Sarah Ashe
Auckland , New Zealand, NZ

Naw congrats Zac on the new addition to your family! He/she will be another cutie! 

And can't wait for next year!!!! X 



the correct word is "wintry" not "wintery" ;)



25/7 - will that be the title of the next record? Because I LOVE it! Oh, I cannot wait - and for the world tour too! Fingers (and toes and anything else that can be) crossed you'll be heading to Australia!

And congrats on your new little one, Zac! xo

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