Apr 04, 2019 | HANSON

See & Hear In May

This week, we continue to prepare for HANSON Day and The Hop Jam, nudging each project ever so slightly closer to completion. The halls of 3CG are humming with the sound of newly minted music, freshly printed photos and wet canvas. This time of year there is just so much in progress it starts spilling out into the walkways... so watch your step!

HANSON Day is like nothing else we do all year long. Yes, we share a lot of live music, in fact this year we are playing four concerts during the weekend (one every day), but we surround that with special events we just don’t get to do anywhere else. I Heart 2 Bowl Tournament, Painting Classes, Karaoke Night, it can be quite a spectacle, but it is all about celebrating an amazing community of fans and adding to the stories we tell through our music. Of all the events held during HANSON Day, the Hday gallery might be the best example of this. Part photos, part paintings, the gallery is a creative endeavor of a different kind. A visual expression of the band we are, often fueled by the places we go on the road and the themes in our songs.  The 2019 gallery is taking cues from several places, but probably most from the new members EP, “In Real Life”.  We are looking forward to sharing when you finally get to see and hear them both in May.  Until then.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac



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Jocelyn Harris
Lake Jackson, TX-Texas, US

Can't wait to see more previews of the photos and paintings for the gallery!  I can hear my wallet crying already.  There there, little buddy.



Can’t wait to see & hear everything!! Counting down the weeks till May :) 



Rachel Baker
Auckland, Auckland, NZ

So exciting. Wish I could go. One day! Perhaps next year! Hey Zac, can you hand deliver this painting to NZ please!  :)



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

I can't wait to see the paintings up close at Hanson Day!


cant wait yes



Tove Jurs-Martinsen
Aarnes, Viken, NO

I really enjoy the theme this year. The painting looks super cool, my taste exactly :) Wish I could go this year, as I got a very good first impression last year, but I will be back some day :) 



I know Hanson Day will be a treat for all the senses.  We've got an extra-special and exciting family event coming up first, but we can't wait to hit the road to Tulsa.  Good times ahead...  :)



Still waiting on my surgery date. Anyone want to send me some Hanson chocolates from the big weekend? lol



A month away I can't wait! See ya all next month


Love you guys. :)

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