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Overwhelming Response to Hday

It’s official. We’re trading in our instruments and becoming bandits! Last night we played our first ever show in Nottingham and it seems like all anyone could talk about was Robin Hood.  We were singing “we are men, we’re men in tights, TIGHT TIGHTS!” all day, and talking Kevin Costner and how smooth Bryan Adams voice is… It was a special day and a really great show. Though this is a String Theory Tour, our concert in Nottingham was a straight up rock show. If there ever was a moment when we knew where the love was, last night was it. Playing Rock City on Valentine’s day, right as we hit the chorus of Where’s The Love, like a well oiled machine the audience threw their hands into the air holding hearts and singing along. It was a great moment. It can be hard to be away from home on holidays and the like, but cool moments like this make it worth it. Thanks for sharing Valentine’s Day with us.  Tonight we play in London, then Glasgow and then off across the channel and then to Australia.

In other news, HANSON Day 2019 tickets went on sale yesterday!  We had an overwhelming response, which overwhelmed and crashed the site (tear*).  We know this was frustrating for many of you (ourselves included), but we hope it won’t weigh too negatively on your HANSON Day plans.  We are doing everything we can to make this a really great year.  We already added two additional painting classes to meet demand and are looking at how we might make room for a few more people at Karaoke (don’t ask, we will let you know if they let us demo the back stage at Vanguard).  As many of you know, this will be the most music filled HANSON Day to date with one concert everyday.  Thursday Storytellers, Friday String Theory, Saturday Members Concert, and then of course, The Hop Jam on Sunday.  We are going to be exhausted come Monday morning, but it is gonna be worth it! We look forward to seeing you there.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac



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(tear*)  <---nice touch.  :)

Eh,...it's already a distant memory.  It *would* be nice if you fixed the site before next time, though.  (These are hours we're never ever getting back,...) 

Anywaaay...glad your tour is going so well.  I'm jealous of everyone who is/was able to be there for it.  Looking forward to Hanson Day, The Hop Jam and everything that comes with it! 



I am bummed I missed out on Karaoke, but I got tickets for the other events I wanted, thankfully. Maybe I'll luck up if you're somehow able to release a few more Karaoke tickets!



Terri Dent
Milton Keynes , Buckinghamshire, GB

I still have no voice from last night's show, it was amazing! Best valentine's ever!



Keri Mase
Springdale, AR, US

I can't make it to Hday this year, but I will be at the String Theory show.  It will be my first ST show (and only, unless y'all finally decide to come to NW Arkansas. We have a great symphony - Symphony of Northwest Arkansas a.k.a SoNA, and a great venue or two: Walton Arts Center or the Walmart AMP).

In regards to Bryan Adams, y'all should cover one of his songs (Everything I Do, I Do For You and Summer of '69 are a few of my favorites).



Glad England gave you a good time! Lol And vice versa! Robin Hood would bring back very special memories to any Brit that remembers the Robinhood Weetabix Commercial! Lol 

Unfortunately can’t make it To Hanson Day this year! But the Story Tellers concert was very special! 2020 is my year! Best of wishes to all attending! Obviously , did not experience the frustration yesterday  but still appreciate the Bryan Adams reference! :) 



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

Got almost all my tickets for Hanson day, so I'm thankful for that! Me and two of my friends are very excited about Hanson Day, first time for all three of us.



Thanks to some good organisation, a healthy dose of commitment, the non-work hour and a lot of luck, my bestie and I got tickets to all the events. We got up at 3am, followed by some shift work (taking turns sleeping) as we realised the site was crashing; and finished buying tickets at 7am. Followed by a full days work. 

and would do it again, cuz Hanson is always #worthit

This will be our first Hanson Day and my first time to Tulsa. from Australia.

Cannot wait!!!

Thank you Hanson for putting on these awesome and unique events, and giving us so much. 



Im disappointed self...and very very sad:( i wasn't on concert in London..i could't..but still belive  in good people, in good Gods..and that u maybe play second time, second concert  in London like last year..i will pray for this.....:-*.



Hello, I'm from Brazil... (JK)
Ok, it will be my first Hanson Day this year and I was preparing myself for the hanson.net crashing, cuz it happens every year on the tickets season... hahaha So I freaked out a little bit, but I survived... hahahaha
See u in Tulsa!
2 kisses and a hug! 



 Crossing my fingers you guys can squeeze a few more of us in to Karaoke!! Can’t wait til May!!



Praying I can somehow score karaoke tickets. I had my gall bladder removed Thursday & wasn't awake enough to attempt to buy tickets until that evening. Karaoke is the one non-concert event l was hoping to attend.


Diana84 i second that. A 2nd show in London sounds like a good plan!



When do you guys land in Aus, we have a crackin fan base wanting to greet you guys at the airport? 

Any hints? Or possibly a morning gig on the Today show or Sunrise? 



i'm sad. it's my first hanson day. my friend got a ticket for karaoke, but i didn't. it's what i was looking forward to most. i was online (took a break from work) when tickets supposedly went on sale, but then had meetings. : ( 



Colleen Ganzelli
Bowie, Maryland, US

I wish I could make it! Hopefully I can in the future!

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