Apr 12, 2019 | HANSON

HANSON: HANSON Day Listening Party

Walk outside and you can feel the winds of change. Spring is here and we’re thirty-four days away from HANSON Day 2019 and The Hop Jam. One of the many things that makes HANSON Day special is all the content that we premier during the weekend.  Paintings, photos, our new EP, In Real Life (the members ep for 2019) will be releasing to members during the weekend, but lets not forget the other musical experience we will be sharing, Edible Digital Pants.

What are Digital Pants?

Edible Digital Pants represents the third installment is a series which is most aptly described as high-quality nonsense! It is a tapestry of incoherent rambling all from the mind of Zac Hanson. Edible Digital Pants marks the first attempt to channel the flow of ill-conceived song ideas into a single concept, songs on the theme of food. If you are attending HDay, make sure to get a ticket to the HANSON Day Listening Party so you can hear the results and take home a copy.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac



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i cant wait yes



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

I'm super excited!!



Oh kale yeah! I'm so eggcited!



Chandra Lueth
Woodruff, WI, US

Very much looking forward to the Listening party! 



Nothing like some high quality nonsense to make us forget all about the low quality nonsense we’re bombarded with daily.  I’m looking forward to being entertained by Zac’s food-related musical musings, no matter how ill-conceived they may be.  (I can’t believe there are still Listening Party tickets left.  ...It makes no sense!)  ;)



Conchetta Lewis
Houston, TX, US

I'm intrigued. I'm sure there will be some laughable moments but i'm leaving my mind open



Did u just mention music and food? =P
I'm in!



Idea for Hanson/Staff -

Why not make  these Listen Parties that are often done at Hanson Day available also as Live Streaming Events?

They could still be Paid Events and still be for Members Only.  It would not be quite the same experience of course, but the price might still be worth it to members who can't attend if it covered shipping the EP without an extra fee.



Getting excited! Can't wait to hear :)



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

Taysbraid - I think that is a great idea.    I realize that the best way to enjoy a Hanson event is to see the show in person, I get that.  But- many of us just can't get to Tulsa.   

Thanks for putting that idea out there



Thanks blueskyjudy

I'm hoping it will be considered, though I can think of some hesitations they might have.  Maybe they feel Hanson Day items should remain exclusive to those who are there, but a live stream event is a way to "be there", and Hanson Day is available to any member who can get there, so I feel this would still fit the idea.  It might also be a logistical problem they'd rather not deal with on top of everything else the weekend brings.  But I've got my fingers crossed anyway.



I really wish that I was going to Hanson Day this year. I hope that we will still be able to buy a copy if we can’t come in person.



Love this pic!! I hope there will be highlights!! 



Rose DePerio
Eastvale, CA, US

Why make a third installment when it's just going to be incomplete for some people? It's like having all of the Harry Potter books EXCEPT for the 7th and last book or the LOTR books EXCEPT the 6th and last book.

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