HANSON: Christmas Practice

Nov 15, 2019 | HANSON

This week, we are rehearsing Christmas... or more directly practicing Christmas music for the Wintry Mix Tour. We're just a few weeks away now and getting excited for a great holiday run. It's refreshing to have Zac back on the drums, working his way back up to concert ready as we practice up for all the shows in December. We want to find that perfect balance of new and old and holiday songs. It's kind of crazy that there is a whole sub genre of music that is only played one month out of the year, but then again, after a month of wall to wall sleigh bells I can see why most people want an eleven month hiatus from “Santa Baby”. In addition to the Christmas songs, we are also going through the list of new songs, trying to decide what we will be playing, and also how. You only get to have a first impression once.
Last week,  we announced the schedule of events for HANSON Day 2020. We wanted to give everyone a chance to see what were planning long before the ticketed events go on sale on January 18th.  We know HDay is still months away,  but our hope is sharing early will help more members than ever attend, and the weekend run better than ever.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show in Indianapolis tonight! MORE COWBELL!!!

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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Kelli Cloud / Tazewell , Tennessee, US


I can't wait to hear the new music and of course Christmas jams!! Glad your getting back on your throne Zac but you were amazing up front too. See you in Atlanta!! 

Posted Nov 15, 2019   06:40:02 PM

So excited! See you in Pittsburgh!

Posted Nov 15, 2019   07:08:41 PM


Lisa Dobbs / LaVergne, Tennessee, US

9 9

See you in Atlanta! I'm super excited and can't wait to hear the new music and of course Christmas music!

Posted Nov 15, 2019   07:49:25 PM


Judy Ferrante / Conklin, NY, US

3 9

Happy Zac is back on the drums and looking forward to hearing Christmas  music!  

Posted Nov 15, 2019   07:57:40 PM

5 5

This is possibly the first titled tour that I won't be able to attend.  But that happens for many people. Enjoy singing the Christmas songs and new music, hopefully the songs will be shared online with fans that attend the shows. 

Posted Nov 15, 2019   11:16:45 PM

See you Austin!! Cannot wait!!

Posted Nov 16, 2019   03:36:49 AM


Crystal Wicker / Anderson, In, US


Amazing show last night in Anderson, can’t wait to see you in Cleveland 

Posted Nov 16, 2019   10:07:29 AM


I'm so happy Zac feels well enough to get back behind those drums.  I think that's a relief to all of us.  Sadly, we're going to have to miss the Wintry Mix tour.  I'm still kind of heartbroken about that, but we *will* be at BTTI 2020, Hanson Day/Hop Jam 2020 and (undoubtedly) at least one stop on the Against the World Tour...with bells on!

Posted Nov 16, 2019   10:16:58 AM

This is going to be the highlight of the Christmas season! Can't wait to see you all in Detroit! 

Posted Nov 16, 2019   05:14:50 PM

So excited for this tour! And you guys were so amazing last night in Indy!

Posted Nov 16, 2019   11:41:38 PM


Nicole Ginn / Exeter, Devon, GB

6 6

I'm so glad that Zac is feeling well enough to be back playing on the drums! Try to take it easy though, we don't want to hear of any more Zaccidents! I'm sad that it isn't looking likely that I'll be able to fly to the US or Canada from the UK to attend the Wintry Mix tour, but I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the ATW tour dates instead. I had such an amazing time at all of the UK and second Sydney String Theory Shows this year, I need some more live Hanson music in my life! ❤

Posted Nov 17, 2019   06:54:13 AM

14 14 14

I am SO excited to hear some of the new songs!!! Crossing my fingers that you can work a bunch of them into the set - the new songs are my number one reason for travelling to see a show on this tour. I still remember how exciting it was to hear the new stuff on the Underneath Acoustic tour after so much anticipation, and I'm really looking forward to enjoying that feeling again! :)

And I'm glad Zac is feeling well enough to get back on drums!

Counting down the days to Pittsburgh!

Posted Nov 17, 2019   07:22:18 AM

Isaac, becous of ur  Birthday: 

Many expierence  which was build us- behind us

Much of them was hard and difficult

Sometimes was  fight for life

But inside  every us expierence 

we always had and still have  accompany from heaven:)

So just i wish U long, long  life  with God, heaven's accompany,

with pure love, happines, healt, strenght

 and everything what is beautiful and come from love and God:)

Posted Nov 17, 2019   07:28:08 AM

ohhh. maybe you'll play Santa Baby that would be interesting to hear haha. See you in Denver.

Posted Nov 17, 2019   11:34:46 AM



I'm so ready to hear some Hanson Christmas jams, I'm really struggling this year to get into the Holly Jolly Christmas spirit, I would've had a 20 month old child(I missed carried two years ago and was due on May 6th(2018), which is Hanson day) running around enjoying all things Christmas. I'm excited that Zac is doing alot better and will be playing the drums, but I'm hoping that at some point at the show that He will be rocking out on the cowbell!

Posted Nov 17, 2019   02:42:41 PM

So good to see Zac back on drums!! But please don’t lose the cowbell!

Posted Nov 18, 2019   12:56:38 PM


Jessica Wimp / Jeffersonville, Indiana, US

12 1 1

I wish I could have been there but just had surgery 

Posted Nov 19, 2019   09:00:51 AM

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