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Nov 21, 2018 | IsaacHanson Reporter- St. Louis

Hey All,

As may of you know Taylor, Zac and I have done interviews with a Member before every show for years and the interviews have consistantly (esspecially in reacent years) been some of our favorite interviews we get to do on a we by week basis... but I also know that because not all of you are members that you don't get the chance to hear some of these cool conversation we get to have with people in each city we play shows in. So in honor of today being the final show of 2018 I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite interviews we have done with a Member on the North American portion of the String Theory Tour.

I hope you all enjoy the converstation and thanks to our reporter Natalia for the questions and for being a part of the Community.

All the best, -ISAAC



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Karyme França
Rio de janeiro, Rio de janeiro, BR

I really enjoy listening to this interview! Really cool questions and amazing idea to ask you guys to sing acapella! Beautiful moment! :)


Natalia Vargas
Santiago, Metropolitana, CL

What an entertaining moment I wait for my chance.


Natalia Vargas
Santiago, Metropolitana, CL

What an entertaining moment I wait for my chance.



I've listened to a few of the interviews from earlier this tour but Thanks for posting this one for everyone to hear. 

Knowing many fans have wondered what will come next from Hanson after the String Theory tour is done next year it's good to hear some of the ideas being considered. I think we all want new music but I look forward to see what actually will be next from Hanson. 



Really enjoyed this interview-congrats



Natalia Edmiston
Saint Louis, Mo, US

Oh wow! It was an unbelievable experience! Meeting you guys, being able to have this conversation and the acapella was definitely the cherry on top. Thank you <3



Mmm...songwriting Mad-Libs could be a really fun feature or game at Hanson Day, or some other member stream or event. And I WIGGED OUT when y’all mentioned writing a musical. I would absolutely love that. And y’all just releasing a new album with zero fanfare would still be ridiculously exciting and quite an event for me personally. I’ve been enjoying all the special extras too, but I just looking forward to your music so much. Thanks for String Theory, for 25 years of awesome, and for more great stuff to come! Love y’all!



Also really enjoyed this interview. Great questions, and thanks for sharing.



This sounds fantastic! I'm going to wait to go back to work. Ever since our bosses started enforcing the one-earbud-only rule, I've had to get crafty because I can't stand vacuuming to music with just one earbud, so I've been rustling up interviews and dialogue and such. This will be so great on Monday!



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Elizabeth DeBruyn
Grandville, MI, US

Thanks for sharing this.  Love the acapella!  Happy Holidays!



Wow, really enjoyed this!  I'm a newbie, so this was my first Reporter interview.  From a fan standpoint, great questions!



Such a great interview, really enjoyed listening to it. Happy holidays



I seriously can't believe no hnet reporter has ever asked you guys to sing before this!! Seriously, I'm just... whaaat??


Novy Corina Lasut
Denpasar, Bali, ID

cool interview.. the acapella was just perfect. Thumbs up! 



Great Interview! Loved the questions and insightful answers guys! Acapella-perfection :0)



This is so much fun to listen to! :D

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