May 23, 2019 | HANSON

A Week Of Hosting The World

Last week was an incredible week in HANSONLand with our annual HDay gathering in Tulsa leading up to The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival. As we have been anticipating for months, this year's activities were the biggest and best to date with four straight nights of music including a special sold out String Theory concert and The Hop Jam festival and many activities around town for music and arts fans to enjoy.

We saw guests from all over the globe and around the US. From Norway to Brazil, Australia to Chile, Germany to the UK, and literally Tulsa to Tokyo. We are so proud of our team and the many volunteer leaders who are a part of our global network of street teams for helping us organize and host these many events and we're still on a high from the awesome events we shared with you.

Some of the biggest news of the week was our message to the guests in attendance that YOU can expect new music and the launch of a world tour in 2020, PLUS we plan to record multiple projects over the summer, with plans to release brand new music in 2020 and 2021…Yes That’s right, new album(s) coming.

Plans are also being put in place for a series of shows this fall in the US in addition to the one off events at some festivals. The coming late in the year tour might be the first chance to hear new music early. These concerts and full plans are still in the works, but of course our members and most engaged supporters will the be first to know (and the first to get tickets and pre-sales).

Over these many years, we know our musical vision and our band's story and purpose is something not fully understood by all that have heard of our band. What we embrace heading into our next 25 years is the celebration of those (you) who are confident in our purpose which we share with you, forging new ground and inspiring life and light through music. We are fueled by the possibilities, and as long as we are together, we can take on the world. That message has inspired our working title for the coming project, HANSON, Against The World  tour and music project. To be even more clear HANSON does not exist without the support from great music fans so this project and what’s ahead is truly US Against The World and we can’t wait to go on this journey with you. Prepare for a look inside the creative process as we head into the summer, and more sharing of vision and new projects set to unfold.

We’re looking forward to a bit of rest for the Memorial Day weekend ahead because last week we hosted those from around the world, and next week we officially begin our quest to take on the world one song at a time! The Journey Is The Destination.

Have a great week!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac



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Tove Jurs-Martinsen
HVAM, Akershus, NO

I wish I had been in Tulsa. Attended for the first time last year, and I loved it! I will be back! :) I really hope to see you on your world tour. Fingers crossed for a concert in Norway :) 



Hearing new music early at a late-in-the-year tour sounds just about right on time. Fingers crossed you're planning a date somewhere nearby, but we've got Summerfest on the horizon so it would be selfish of me to complain if that doesn't happen.

I'm proud to be a but a tiny element in the symbiotic relationship between band and fans and so happy to to be onboard for the musical journey yet to come.  I wish you all the best as we venture into uncharted territory...

P.S. Thank you for a weekend filled with music and fun. We loved it! Enjoy your down time before things get crazy again.  ;)



It was another great year in Tulsa, every year seems to get better and better. I can't wait for the new music and tour happening in the next couple of years. 



I can't tell you how excited I am to hear about the new albums you'll be putting out. I can't wait for the next tour!



Yayyyy as a fanliving in france, I am so glad to hear that it will be a world tour in 2020 and new music ! I did not get the chance to see you in Tulsa this year but I am so happy to get to see you next January at BTTI (my first BTTI ever). You guys make me so happy all the time snce 1997, thank you so much for this, so much love !

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