Mar 07, 2019 | HANSON

A Seminal Moment

When we began thinking about a project with Symphonies, almost right away we thought about playing at The Sydney Opera House.  There are very few concerts halls in the world more iconic and none that are more closely associated with the fusion of something modern with something classic.  Fifteen years ago, it was an important milestone to end the Underneath Acoustic Tour at Carnegie Hall, a victory lap of sorts that we were able to share with so many fans that had stuck with us for years. As we come to the end of another tour, we also find ourselves sharing another one of those moments. Performing String Theory at the Sydney Opera House was a dream come true and a confirmation that despite things sometimes feeling impossible or impractical, everything is possible. We were so happy to share this moment with everyone as String Theory cements its play as a seminal project in our career.  Twenty years ago, on our first visit to Australia, we were inspired by this place, we would have never guessed how special it would become some two decades later.

-Isaac Taylor and Zac



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It was such a special moment to experience you guys play the Sydney Opera House. I never even dreamed it would happen, but you've certainly taught me to expect the unexpected. For you guys to create a show that would feel right at home in such a classical venue has showed the world yet again how versatile, talented and driven you are. Thanks for giving us these experiences and continuing to share your music with us! Well done on this huge achievement which obviously has meant so much to you. So now Im here wondering what is next... Hanson writes a musical to be performed on Broadway...?



Terri Dent
Milton Keynes , Buckinghamshire, GB

I really hope you can perform a String Theory show at the Royal Albert Hall one day. I'm sure that venue is on your list!



It certainly pays to never let go of your hopes and dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.  I'm just so happy for you guys and I can't wait to see what comes next.  <3 



Paola Rizzato
Heysham, Lancashire, GB

@Cakemuncher - HEAR HEAR! Isaac did mention the Royal Albert Hall during promo last year (or it might have been 2017... not sure - I do have the recording somewhere). So it must be on their bucket list too. I've seen people like Sting and Bruce Springsteen at the RAH and it's just the most amazing venue. It might not be overlooking the sea but it's one of the most historically important theatres/venues in Europe. 



Thankyou!! It was amazing to see you guys at the Opera House, it was finally my first Hanson concert so getting to finally see you was ticked off my own bucket list! Can't wait to see what's next :) 



Judy Ferrante
Conklin, NY, US

All the videos I have seen from the Sidney Opera House are amazing.  So happy that your concerts there were all you had hoped for.  Yes, dreams can come true, especially if you plan and work hard to see them through. 

 We all should all take note of that page in your book....or in this case... in your songs (in String Theory and the rest of the Hanson catalogue).   Inspiring indeed!

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