HANSON: Saying Goodbye

Aug 18, 2022 | HANSON

Just four more weeks in the US and Canada for the RGB Tour, so don’t miss the chance to come join us for a show! This week, we are making our way up into Canada hitting Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, and finally up to Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.
It is hard to express the way this tour has felt so far. It has no doubt been full of work. We have had border crossing issues, twice now one of our buses has gotten stuck requiring a wrecker to come and save the day (thankfully both on days off), we have had eight sets of in-ear monitors fail (unheard of!), but even so it just feels right. Like a hard day's work doing something worth doing, with people who share in the labor and joy! Sadly, we are saying goodbye to our friends Allen Mack Myers Moore at the end of this week, but we will not be without compatriots for long as The Grand Southern takes over the guest spot until the end of the US/CA tour. It is a joy to share the stage with so many great musicians, but even more when the time off stage is equally as rich.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Alex Rackley / Alexander, Arkansas, US

You really had me thinking you were saying goodbye as in announcing this tour would be the finale run of the band

Posted Aug 18, 2022   05:37:18 PM

Same! Way to give us a heart attack lol

Posted Aug 18, 2022   05:38:52 PM


Alex Rackley / Alexander, Arkansas, US

Maybe retitle this before you have to pay someones medical bills from the heart attack you will give them 😂😂😂

Posted Aug 18, 2022   05:42:31 PM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA

When I saw the title of the hnet email I panicked lol. 

I have enjoyed all the content from you guys and AMMM since they joined you on the tour! Makes me want to go to BTTI so bad!! 

Posted Aug 18, 2022   05:57:36 PM

Makes me want to go to BTTI so bad!! 

Same here!! I can’t think of a better guest band for that. All of the BTTI attendees are lucky ducks! 😄😊 

Posted Aug 18, 2022   06:00:35 PM


Zac Hanson / Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

Yeah thats right AMMM will be joining us at BTTI 2023! Gonna be a blast!

Posted Aug 18, 2022   06:14:42 PM

i cant wait guys thank u so much i cant wait for more tours and btti to yes i loved seing u in cleveland tyo yehs yespray i get hom rto tomy dadto.  awe

Posted Aug 18, 2022   06:16:53 PM


Cynthia Derks / Houston, TX, US


After the day I’ve had this post made me smile. I feel for y’all. I had a lousy day at work and cried my eyes out in the bathroom before I left. Then I stopped at a storage locker to get some things and my car wouldn’t start when I was done. A kind gentleman helped me and never stopped smiling… even though it started to pour and we both got soaked(God bless him). By the time I got home I decided to just unload in the rain since I was already wet. Walking back to my apt after unloading people looked at me like I was crazy because at this point it was a torrential downpour and I was drenched just walking in the rain haha Glad y’all are having fun though!  

Posted Aug 18, 2022   06:24:04 PM


andrea slack / janesville, wi, US


I loved the show in Madison... Wish I could go to BTTI in 2023 but can't afford it... Hope everyone has fun there... AMMM is an great band. 

Posted Aug 18, 2022   07:01:33 PM


Thais Emanuelle / Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, BR


Posted Aug 18, 2022   07:14:31 PM


Michelle Munier / Hubert, NC, US

AMMM has been the best!! Truly awesome guys!! Hoping for a future collab and/or more touring!

Posted Aug 18, 2022   07:19:29 PM

HI guys! can't wait for you to come to Mexico, see you soon in Monterrey! October 1st :))))

Posted Aug 18, 2022   07:42:11 PM


Ashley Pesek / Tacoma, Washington, US

The title does come shocking I understand what some of you are saying. Wow that’s a good thing the bus needed a wrench while u guys where off that day. Can they ever just give you guys a break on the borders without issues. That’s a bummer he can’t stick around for anymore tour. I’d love to go to BTTI maybe one day when the hubby sells a lot of commission. That will be a kicking time amazing as always. ❤️💚💙

Posted Aug 18, 2022   07:59:29 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Thought when I saw the title oh no then I realised you guys are talking about AMMM  - sorry to hear that you guys have had many problems with borders and equipment fingers crossed 🤞 that nothing else happens 

Posted Aug 18, 2022   08:25:42 PM


The title of this post scared me too! I was like wait...lifelong fan but just started attending Hanson live shows...nooooo! haha. Hope you guys keep touring for the long haul :) a AMMM was amazing! I was super impressed by their songs. Seems like you guys really made a connection with them too! <3

Posted Aug 18, 2022   08:36:33 PM

Sorry about your border problems! Canadian borders are no fun 🤪 Although I wouldn’t complain if you had to hang around Vancouver a little longer at the end of this month!

Posted Aug 18, 2022   08:58:12 PM



Posted Aug 18, 2022   09:00:10 PM


Edith Rivera Martínez / apodaca, Nuevo León, MX


Lo sentí cerca y sudé helado ‼️

Posted Aug 18, 2022   09:57:24 PM

I opened email and sas "saying Goodbye" and I panicked, getting images of the writing of Tonight 

Posted Aug 18, 2022   09:58:19 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

I hope the rest of your tour has no more issues

Posted Aug 18, 2022   10:21:56 PM

Thank you for the amazing show! Never disappoints!

Posted Aug 18, 2022   11:30:43 PM


Rachel Gibson / Omaha, NE, US

Thanks for the great show at Stir Concert Cove tonight!  Good luck on the remainder of the tour! 

Posted Aug 19, 2022   12:41:27 AM


Oh gosh, don’t ever leave us!!!!!! 😔

Posted Aug 19, 2022   12:54:38 AM


Yous are like this indelible imperceptible thing we can’t quite live without! ❤️💚💙

Posted Aug 19, 2022   01:12:18 AM

Looks like you’ve had so much fun with AMMM 😃 Hope the next leg of the tour goes smoothly for you 💕

Posted Aug 19, 2022   01:51:35 AM

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