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Complete your Underneath collection with the Underneath Complete album. 

Pre-order includes Penny & Me (Moonlight Version) available for download now with purchase. Full album with 23 songs available October 4th 2024.

Full album download of 23 songs available on October 4th 2024.

Album includes 23 songs


Penny And Me (Moonlight Version), recorded to commemorate the 20th anniversary of HANSON’s 2004 original pop-rock classic reimagines the original through the warm pink lens of the Nick Drake Classic “Pink Moon”, which was an original inspiration for the song’s writing and lyrics. The finely crafted melodies in the original recording are re-cast in the Moonlight Version with a hypnotic guitar melody, lower key and slower tempo, all of which help to highlight the song’s message: the power of music to tie together our most intimate and personal experiences and relationships with our highest aspirations, to make a beautiful patchwork of a life well lived.

*This is a pre-order item and may not begin shipping until October 2024. This item will ship separately from other items in an order.

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01 - Strong Enough To Break
02 - Dancin' In The Wind
03 - Penny & Me
04 - Underneath
05 - Misery
06 - Lost Without Eachother
07 - When You're Gone
08 - Broken Angel
09 - Deeper
10 - Get Up And Go
11 - Crazy Beautiful
12 - Hey
13 - Believe
14 - Lulla Belle
15 - Pink Moon
16 - Penny & Me (Moonlight Version)
17 - Dream Girl
18 - Love Somebody To Know
19 - Breaktown
20 - My Own Sweet Time
21 - Out Of My Head
22 - I Almost Care
23 - Let You Go