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This acclaimed documentary film chronicles multi-platinum Grammy-nominated artist HANSON, and their four year struggle to make their third studio album "Underneath". What started out as a film focusing on HANSON's creative process, evolved into a bigger commentary on the state of the music business in the throes of corporate record label mergers.

The DVD is all regions.

SETB CD/DVD Includes:

-Over 60 minutes of deleted scenes and interviews
-5 never before released songs
-15 demos from the recording of "Underneath"
-Exclusive 2003 Interview (filmed before leaving Island/Def Jam)
-Deleted scenes from the writing and recording of "Underneath"
-New interview about the demos filmed in 2009

Throughout the forty-month ordeal, HANSON is faced with the challenge of making an album with a newly inherited record label, Island/DefJam, while dealing with a vast array of obstacles, uncertain record label executives and an endless stream of producers. In an attempt to strike the balance between art and commerce, the band break new ground for their careers by releasing their music independently on their own newly-formed 3CG Records. The choices they face will test whether they are strong enough ...

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01 - Dancing In The Wind
02 - Crazy Beautiful
03 - Underneath
04 - I Almost Care
05 - Wake Up
06 - Dream Girl
07 - Breaktown
08 - Someone
09 - Let You Go
10 - Hey
11 - My Own Sweet Time
12 - Out Of My Head
13 - Penny & Me
14 - Love Somebody To Know
15 - Strong Enough to Break
16 - Teach Your Children

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