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RED GREEN BLUE is HANSON's unique new album comprised of the band’s three solo-led projects. The new Red Green Blue album brings together the band's three unique creative voices like never before with a third of the album written and produced by each brother (Taylor’s Red, Isaac’s Green and Zac’s Blue). The project brings together a team of collaborators, with the album co-produced by Grammy Award-winning Producer, Engineer and Mixer Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wilco), and Grammy Award-winning Artist and Producer David Garza (Fiona Apple, Midland, Sharon Van Etten).

Leading up to May's  full album release of RED GREEN BLUE, fans will get a taste of the trifecta of sound, with a single featuring each of the brothers. Coming February 11 Taylor’s earnest and dynamic “Child At Heart”, March 11 will see the release of Isaac's organic and heartwarming “Write You A Song” and April 15 will feature the rock infused pop of Zac’s “Don’t Let Me Down”.


Red Green Blue is now available for Pre-order in Digital, CD and Vinyl formats.


The Red Green Blue Vinyl is a three vinyl set and booklet packaged in a two peice box.

Material: Red vinyl record, Green vinyl record, Blue vinyl record.
12 inch Vinyl Record. 33rpm

Digital Download is included with your physical Vinyl purchase.

Note: Once your order is placed, all previously released songs will be available for immediate download. When new single are released the download file will be updated, and you will be able to download the updated file at your convenience.  The full album will be available to download on May 20th 2022.

*The CD is a pre-order item and may not begin shipping until May 20th 2022.
This is will ship separately from other items.
**The Vinyl is a pre-order item and may not begin shipping until November 4th 2022.
This is will ship separately from other items.
01 - Red - Child At Heart
02 - Green - Write You A Song
03 - Blue - Don't Let Me Down - April 15 2022
04 - Red - Rambling Heart - May 20 2022
05 - Red - Truth - May 20 2022
06 - Red - We Belong Together - May 20 2022
07 - Red - Semi Hollow - May 20 2022
08 - Green - Greener Pastures - May 20 2022
09 - Green - No Matter The Reason - May 20 2022
10 - Green - The Gift of Tears - May 20 2022
11 - Green - Cold As Ice - May 20 2022
12 - Blue - Bad - May 20 2022
13 - Blue - World Goes Around - May 20 2022
14 - Blue - Wake Up - May 20 2022
15 - Blue - Where I Belong - May 20 2022