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For two decades we have been creating music exclusively for the community, and for the first time ever we are inviting all HANSON fans behind the curtain with this double vinyl collection of 21 songs. 20 from the historic catalog, and  the brand new song "Nothing Like A Love Song" 

This year as we mark the twenty-year anniversary of, and celebrate the amazing online community that has supported us though highs and lows we felt it was time to share with the public a selection from the vast collection of members only songs, if only because it is some of our favorite music that we have ever created. This musical collection highlights the diversity of our influences and the inspiration that comes with knowing you are creating songs for your most dedicated listeners. It is both a reflection of our past (which now includes more than 16 members only EP’s) and also points to our future. We hope that this music and the community that fuels it, will reach beyond the front row, and out to the entire concert going audience. 

NOTE:  The vinyl purchase come with a digital copy of Perennial, which is available to download once the item is purchased.

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01 - Young and Dumb
02 - Nothing Like A Love Song
03 - Goldminer
04 - Best of Times
05 - The Ballad of Seymour Better Times
06 - Be My Own
07 - Down
08 - Oooh La La La
09 - Roller Coaster Love
10 - Leave The Light On
11 - Grace Unknown
12 - Never Let Go
13 - Sunny Day
14 - Better Days
15 - Panic In The Streets
16 - I Lift You Up
17 - Bad For Me
18 - I Don't Wanna Go Home
19 - Up All Night
20 - Stop Me In My Tracks
21 - White Collar Crime

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