Icon The Paintings of ANTHEM


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Includes 3 never before released songs!

ICON features the painting of the ANTHEM album platinum packages and three songs made during the ANTHEM album process released for the first time as part of the ICON Book.

In early 2013,  as a part of the release of HANSON's 6th studio album, ANTHEM HANSON released packages with the album one of these packages was the Platinum Package which featured the paintings of ANTHEM.  The book includes all of the paintings of the package plus some paintings that were not released to the public and behind the scenes photos of the creation of the paintings.

You will receive your three songs as downloads at checkout with the purchase of the book.

This book is hardcover and Measures 11 1/2' by 8'
There are 104 pages filled with paintings and pictures. All pages are high gloss.

*All book sales are final due to the immedate download of songs with purchase.

01 - Nothing On Me
02 - All I Ever Needed
03 - Get So Low