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Starting in 2006 random songs of all kinds began to show up in the blog section of starting with the song "Turning 21", a song coined in honor of Zac Hanson's twenty first birthday. Over the years there have been more than a dozen songs released this way, with the most recent addition being "ZOMBIE", Released for Halloween 2012.  This music is so spastically inspired and discombobulated only a member could love it.

All 14 songs have been digitally re-Mastered and are now available only to Members as the album we fondly call "Digital Pants: Volume one".

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- All This Love Crap
- An Evening At The Big Top
- Back In Japan
- Hear Those Jingle Bells
- I Want A Robot (Birthday 23)
- Jet Lag
- My Favorite Christmas Sweater
- New Years Song 2009
- Refresh (Gospel)
- Traci Brown
- Turning 21
- When You Get Your Kit
- Robot Alarm (Birthday 24)
- Zombie

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