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Against The World is HANSON’s 7th studio project featuring entirely new music, and their 13th release since their major debut in 1997. This highly anticipated project, released as seven monthly consecutive singles, features a wide range of influences across the spectrum of pop and rock, while accentuating the band’s signature traits, with strong melody, harmony and refined song craftsmanship.

Tracks range across the spectrum of pop and rock, from the inviting and rhythmic Paul Simon influenced first single “Annalie”, to the power-pop guitar lead “Don’t Ever Change” featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick making a guest appearance lead guitar, “Fearless” which tips it’s hat to the symphonic work of the band’s previous project String Theory and “Only Love” which highlights the band’s Americana and Gospel influences with intimate story-telling and soulful harmonies

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1 - Annalie
2 - Don't Ever Change
3 - Only Love
4 - Against The World
5 - Stronger
6 - One
7 - Fearless