The Engineering Social science experts at engineering help service have deep domain knowledge and excellent academic experience to help you with assignment of Engineering Social science and home works. It include fields of all aspects like anthropology , archaeology, economics, geography,history, law etc fields. The roots of social science traced back to ancient times. During that time social science and mathematics was considered similar but in the middle age much more contribution by the muslin scientist made it more worthy. The emergence of social science in 18th century are in Grand Encyclopedia of Diderot. The “social facts” were studied by Emile Durkheim. Anthropology deals with humanities and human biology.

Humanities are study of local tradition by history, music, literature and arts. Aim of anthropology is to provide an holistic account of human and human nature. Economics it deals with production, distribution and consumption of wealth. Brief definition was given by Lionel Robbins in 1932. Education is the process of learning of any skills it is a continuous process from birth to death of imparting knowledge and wisdom. Geography includes human geography is the management by human and physical geography is the interaction of natural environment ,climate , vegetation, soil and water. History is the past of human civilization and anything which is related to past we will also become past after few decades. Law is the system of rules and it is enforcement of rules by institution and it is fixed.


Corporate Finance: Finance Assignment help

Corporate finance is a branch of finance dealing with monetary operations of a business enterprise. The fundamental aim of corporate finance in an enterprise is to maximize the shareholder value, while minimizing the financial risks. Corporate finance can be further divided into two techniques:

Long term: Including capital investment decisions that are primarily concerned with decisions to invest with equity or debt, and also with the payments to shareholders.

Short term: Including management of capital assets and inventories, and also with crediting among customers.

Corporate finance aims at maximizing the potential value of the firm, based on the following principles.

Financing decision: Choose a financing mix that maximizes the value of projects being taken, while matching the assets being financed. The financing mix includes both debt and equity, and can affect both the hurdle rate and cash flows.

Dividend decision: In case of shortage of investments that  earn the hurdle rate, decisions need to be made about how much to return the customers and in what form. The excess cash should be returned to the owners only after meeting all the business needs. Depending on the shareholder preferences, this return can be in the form of dividends, or stock buybacks, or spin-offs.


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