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Wintry Mix Tour Poster

The tour poster features an image of a cassette tape and the text HANSON 2019 Hi-Fi Stereo Wintry Mix Tour 
11/30 Vancouver BC CAN
12/01 Seattle WA
12/03 Las Vegas NV
12/05 Denver CO
12/06 Omaha NE
12/08 Austin T
12/09 Dallas TX
12/10 New Orleans LA
12/11 Atlanta GA
12/14 Pittsburgh PA
12/15 Silver Springs MD
12/17 Detroit MI
12/18 Cleveland OH
12/20 Boston MA
12/21 Huntington NY
Size: 12.5 inches x 22 inches
Material: white paper
The strands of tape coming out of the cassette are printed in metallic foil print.
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