International Shipping - UPDATE

Feb 27, 2020 | HANSON

UPDATE: The previous glitch that was not allowing all shipping options for international orders has now been fixed. Thank you for your patience while we addressed this issue.

Please note that we are aware of a glitch in shipping costs for international members that began today. We are working to correct this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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Fantastic news. We're paying close to $90 Australian dollars for memberships these days. If we want to add a small item on top of that - Shipping of about $50 USD is added. Seems shipping is added by item rather than by weight/package size. Really glad to hear you're working on this finally. 

Posted Feb 27, 2020   07:18:28 PM

Hallelujah! I want to renew my membership, with shipping it is AUD$90!

Posted Feb 28, 2020   05:22:31 AM

(Msg didn't post properly). I added a mug to my order ($20USD). With postage, it added an extra $70AUD!!

Posted Feb 28, 2020   05:29:50 AM


Jaquaida Kinney / Tampa, Florida, US


leigh said its wrong and they will fix it soon

Posted Feb 28, 2020   09:20:07 AM


Katie Wanta / Orange, CT, US


If you add an item with your membership it won't "combine" shipping because each of them will ship separately so you get charged to ship each.  Memberships should be the only item this happens with as everything other than that should ship together.

Posted Feb 28, 2020   01:53:43 PM


Alison Jovine / Valensole, Alpes de Haute Provence, FR


Thank you.

Posted Mar 1, 2020   08:59:59 AM

thank you! I renewed today and shipping alone was $36CAD which brought the entire cost up to just over $100. I paid it anyway because my membership was about to expire, but glad to hear it's just a glitch. 

Posted Mar 1, 2020   06:02:50 PM

4 2

I really don't want my membership to expire, but is $50 for international shipping the correct amount now?? Seems extreme!! I'm paying more for the shipping than the membership?

Posted Mar 2, 2020   01:06:51 AM


See above (or the news) - there s a glitch for int'l shipping that we are working to fix.

Posted Mar 2, 2020   02:40:16 AM

@leigh1  So what should I do? My membership expires on March 5th.

Posted Mar 2, 2020   09:07:57 AM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB


I had the problem of only being able to access the priority international. Can I get a refund?

Posted Mar 2, 2020   09:58:15 AM


If you have to pay the higher shipping because of your renewal date before it's fixed, contact CS and they will refund thee additional charges once the glitch is fixed. However, please try to wait until the last minute to renew so if your membership expires on the 5th, keep checking until late on the 4th to see if it's fixed before paying the higher amount.

Posted Mar 2, 2020   11:00:11 AM

I'm sorry to say but in my opinion there is a glitch in international shipping costs since ever! I never odered anything except for the membership. Those shipping costs have always been completely exaggerated. I have missed so much beautiful merchandise and would still like to have so many things but I'm not willing to pay those shipping costs. It's really sad...

Posted Mar 2, 2020   12:59:10 PM

I do agree with everyone above. The shipping cost makes me not able to order :(

Posted Mar 2, 2020   11:17:07 PM


christine Easom / Newcastle , Staffordshire, GB


It got sorted and I was refunded. Thanks to CS.

Posted Mar 3, 2020   01:28:14 PM


The normal shipping options are available once again for int'l members.

Posted Mar 4, 2020   02:25:17 PM


Posted Mar 5, 2020   08:38:34 AM

I really thought you guys were looking into shipping costs. What a shame. It's incredibly expensive. I've lost count the amount of times I've missed out on merch because of insane shipping costs. Which, more often than not, cost the same price or more of what I've ordered. This issue needs a full rehaul guys please. 

Posted Mar 9, 2020   10:27:11 AM

Hope you keep this shipping for a long time.

Dollar costs a lot for international members.

Posted Apr 1, 2020   02:11:09 PM

12 2 1

I wanted to buy a mug along with renewing my membership recently and the shipping was insane! I haven't been able to order any merch for some time because it's just way too expensive. 

Posted Apr 2, 2020   06:48:09 AM

Keep in mind the membership EP always ships seperately so the shipping will reflect that as if it were two seperate orders.

Posted Apr 2, 2020   08:51:56 AM

Hi has the international shipping glitch been fixed cause I cannot renew my membership from South Africa? It's really frustrating.

Posted May 13, 2020   01:56:41 AM


A new glitch appeared a few days ago for some international users. We are working to resolve the issue.

Posted May 13, 2020   03:05:56 AM

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