!!! Concert Broadcast Rescheduled !!!

May 13, 2022 | Admin

We are thrilled to be hosting all of you this evening for our Storytellers concert, as part of HANSON Day 2022. We have become aware that the venue internet service provider is experiencing hardware malfunctions.

In order to provide you the best possible viewing experience we will be recording the concert live, and broadcasting it after the show is complete.

The show will begin broadcasting atthis evening at 9:30PM CT and will be available to watch on demand for 7 days.

Our Saturday night HANSON Day Concert will now also be recorded and broadcast at 9.30pm CT Saturday.

Thank you for joining us this weekend. We appreciate your understanding. We hope you enjoy the show!

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alexis brunson / lutherville, md, US


Friday the 13th strikes again! 

Posted May 13, 2022   06:00:53 PM


Kerina Cook / Perth, Western Australia , AU

Oh no, okay, if i may ask, what kind of hardware malfunctions are they? I don't mind over-my-head tech talk, i just am not a fan of the veil of mystery that is "hardware problems" but i mean i do get it.

I tell ya what though, there are fans who'd say "whatever, don't care, show up 144p if you must" but i think most appreciate being able to see them properly. Will have to wait for something like an live Instagram thing to see them live.

Thanks for letting us know, hope all goes well! Maybe next year then, fingers crossed.

Posted May 13, 2022   06:02:04 PM

Nooo! 😭 the only way we could feel like we were part of the action of Hanson dayZ! 

Guess it will be a late night! ❤️💚💙

Posted May 13, 2022   06:02:54 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Thanks for leaving them up longer your so good to us

Posted May 13, 2022   06:06:57 PM


Cheryl Jones / Annapolis, MD, US

So sorry for you to have this happen. Glad that we will be able to see the concert tonight. Thank you!

Posted May 13, 2022   06:08:24 PM

Best decision to make - happy to watch the live steam after the show for a better experience

Posted May 13, 2022   06:12:37 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

What happens to those of us who purchased tickets though in.live

Posted May 13, 2022   06:12:59 PM


There is a rabbit behind you!! 🐇

And thanks for the lovely message!

Posted May 13, 2022   06:13:55 PM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB

Appreciate the msg guys, thank you. Have a good show

Posted May 13, 2022   06:16:19 PM

hi thank u hanson aweee your the besrt to tay sweet to oh ytes

Posted May 13, 2022   06:17:37 PM


Nikki squeeks / Cocoa Beach, Florida , US


Thanks! Have fun guys! Just bought my ticket. Can’t wait wait. 

Posted May 13, 2022   06:18:57 PM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

I was just thinking didn’t the same thing happened last year with the this time around concert - I feel sorry for your guys

Posted May 13, 2022   06:19:00 PM


Jana Fiore / Springfield, IL, US

Aw, man. I wish I had seen this or the email from In.Live about it before I ate my edible. Oh, well. It'll still be cool. Maybe I should finally watch The Matrix: Resurrections at 7.

Posted May 13, 2022   06:20:34 PM

How amazing are these guys giving us a personal message!! Break legs guys! We are so excited to watch later!! ❤️💚💙

Posted May 13, 2022   06:26:23 PM

Oh that is a shame, been having trouble with internet all week trying to watch the 5 of 5 concerts, I’ve managed to watch 3 this evening! (Back to back!) will have to watch stream the next day 3.30am is a bit late for me! (Im in the UK!) but look forward to watching, have loved all the videos etc and scavenger hunt, thank you for including us fans who can’t make it to Tulsa! (Maybe one day!)Xx ❤️💚💙🥰

Posted May 13, 2022   06:30:07 PM


Also bear in mind, that whenever we watch it, it will still be the same moment... 😂 It doesn't matter if it is 7pm Tulsa time or 9:30pm Online time. It is a strange world...

Ha, I am clearly overwhelmed by all the new music and insight into the madness... but as the cat said in the white rabbit world - we are all mad here...

Posted May 13, 2022   06:31:31 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Up for 7 days no complaints there thanks again to Isaac Taylor and Zac this makes Hanson Days last longer 

Posted May 13, 2022   06:35:19 PM


Allison Kidney / Princess Anne, MD, US

Mercury retrograde for the disaster!

Posted May 13, 2022   06:35:43 PM


Kerina Cook / Perth, Western Australia , AU

@luciec yeah true, but there's something about experiencing something *together* and live gives the illusion of that

Posted May 13, 2022   06:37:51 PM

How can I request a refund? Is not fair for the fsns that pay in advance to watch it live…. No fair guys…

Posted May 13, 2022   06:39:56 PM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Thanks to Trevor for recording it so we get to see it

Posted May 13, 2022   06:44:00 PM

Friday the 13th strikes again…honestly though, I’d prefer a seamless recording to the buggy, unwatchable Hanson Day stream from last year, so thanks for being proactive and giving those of us who can’t be there live a good show! ❤️

Posted May 13, 2022   06:48:02 PM


Andrea Hollobaugh / Fairfield, CA, US

Darn I was hoping to see you all live since i cant make it tulsa :( but I do thank you for making it available later, I'm sure  its going to be amazing either way. My son was hoping tomiss taekwondo since it was to be on at the same time but now he gets to not miss it (hes a brown belt). Thank you for the amazing music, I hope you have a great weekend and get to have family time too.

Posted May 13, 2022   06:50:30 PM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA


Thank you guys for thinking of this bandaid fix. I would rather wait then get a glitchy stream! You guys rock!! Nothing but love and understanding here ❤️💚💙

Also, thank you for keeping it up for 7 days, as opposed to the normal 48hrs that inlive streams usually stay up for. 

Posted May 13, 2022   06:50:49 PM

Yes. Its a little weird that people who paid for the ticket are now going to see it for free anyway. I can totally understand where @Biancp019 is coming from. What about those who purchased tickets for tonight? So I woke up at 1.40 for nothing? It won't be streamed at all? By the way last night was perfect quality. There were no issues. So how about recording it, and letting those who want to try to watch live, do so?

Posted May 13, 2022   06:53:42 PM

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