ATW+ Listeners Choice DAY 6

Sep 12, 2021 | Admin

The Listeners Choice concerts are all about putting fans in charge. Everyday from September 7th -26th there will be a new poll on Twitter, and whatever wins HANSON will play as part of their October Against The World+ streaming concert series. 


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Rachel Gallegos / Moreno Valley, California , US

ohhh make it out alive for me! I think this is a fun pairing though can't wait to see the results.

Posted Sep 12, 2021   06:19:50 AM


Christina Mandac-Skiles / Valley Village, CA, US

Such a difficult choice! ❤🔥 

Posted Sep 12, 2021   01:21:48 AM


Melanie Falcon / Louisville , Kentucky , US


My pick is “Crazy Beautiful” I absolutely love that song!!🧡

Posted Sep 12, 2021   02:00:01 AM


Natalie Martin / High Peak, Derbyshire, GB

Did day 5 get moved?

Crazy beautiful for me!

Posted Sep 12, 2021   02:54:16 AM


Melanie Falcon / Louisville , Kentucky , US


They didn’t post day 5 here, but the vote is on Twitter.

Posted Sep 12, 2021   03:23:09 AM

7 2 11 6

Both songs are amazing! Tough choice! I vote "Make It Out Alive" :)

Posted Sep 12, 2021   05:14:26 AM


1 1 2

I would pick “crazy beautiful”

Posted Sep 12, 2021   07:20:10 AM


Lindsay Adorjan / Frederick, MD, US

Crazy beautiful

Posted Sep 12, 2021   07:32:44 AM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA


This one is hard to choose! 🌸 I love it 

Posted Sep 12, 2021   07:36:55 AM

Make It Out Alive! What were the day 5 choices? I don’t have Twitter. 

Posted Sep 12, 2021   08:51:52 AM

Day 5 choices are Underneath and Broken Angel. 

Posted Sep 12, 2021   09:02:49 AM

crazy beautiful 

Posted Sep 12, 2021   09:04:58 AM


Bronwyn Lee Huntbach / Melbourne , Victoria, AU

Crazy beautiful

Posted Sep 12, 2021   09:37:09 AM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US

Ummm both 😅😅😅

Posted Sep 12, 2021   09:38:28 AM


Adri Boyd / Athens, Texas, US


Y’all! Really?! You gotta do this to me?!

I think Make It Out Alive. Crazy Beautiful is one of my favorites! But Make It Out Alive sounds like it’ll be more fun live. Love em both so much! 

Posted Sep 12, 2021   09:55:02 AM

i love crazy beautiful but i was trying to vote for make it out alive in honor of my recent storm adventure...i accidentally hit the crazy beautiful button for voting...

Posted Sep 12, 2021   10:50:45 AM

They’re equally awesome! By the way…what happened to the 2021 Hanson day show, and the Islands shows, in the archive? ~Cheerz~ 🥳📣

Posted Sep 12, 2021   12:46:57 PM


Megan Kyle / China Grove, NC, US


Tough choice but I had to go with Crazy Beautiful 

Posted Sep 12, 2021   12:51:30 PM


Erin Carmiel / Park Ridge, NJ, US

When do we get to start voting on the ⚡️deep cuts⚡️?

Posted Sep 12, 2021   05:45:20 PM

Crazy beautiful without a doubt

Posted Sep 12, 2021   07:30:05 PM

Definitely crazy beautiful!

Posted Sep 12, 2021   07:39:06 PM

Had to go with Crazy Beautiful on this one! 🥰

Posted Sep 12, 2021   07:39:15 PM

Make It Out Alive!  

Posted Sep 12, 2021   09:06:44 PM

def crazy beutif ful to tays voice oh my gosh yes and make it out alie to i cant choose jk lol

Posted Sep 12, 2021   09:19:49 PM


Amber Northweather / Belton, Missouri, US

Hmmm I'm picking Make It Out Alive ♥💛

Posted Sep 13, 2021   01:54:08 AM

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