ATW+ Listeners Choice DAY 3

Sep 09, 2021 | Admin

The Listeners Choice concerts are all about putting fans in charge. Everyday from September 7th -26th there will be a new poll on Twitter, and whatever wins HANSON will play as part of their October Against The World+ streaming concert series. 


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Melanie Falcon / Louisville , Kentucky , US

I love both songs, but “Save Me” is definitely my favorite!!🧡 The way it starts just takes my breath away!!🧡

Posted Sep 9, 2021   01:19:04 AM


these must go up at midnight HAHA but I'm gonna go for save me

Posted Sep 9, 2021   01:30:12 AM

Love Song 

Posted Sep 9, 2021   01:50:32 AM

2 4

Love song is such a beautiful song ❤️🎼

Posted Sep 9, 2021   02:47:26 AM


Jennifer Newell / Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CA

🌸 Save me 🌸 is one of my all time favs .. it is one that is at the top of my playlist even when I re-arrange it in a different order. 

Posted Sep 9, 2021   03:57:58 AM


Shannon Jenne / Zeeland , MI , US

3 2 2

This is a hard one! I love Isaac leads, but Save Me has more meaning to me

Posted Sep 9, 2021   06:43:43 AM

❤Save me. 100%. 

Now I get to neurotically watch Twitter so I can vote. Lol

Posted Sep 9, 2021   07:13:16 AM


Shona Koehn / Elkhart, IN, US

I don't think I'm going to know which one I'm voting for until I hit the button. This one is tough.

Posted Sep 9, 2021   07:17:07 AM


Stephanie Hayes / Buffalo, NY, US

This is a tough one.... Save me, I think

Posted Sep 9, 2021   07:22:01 AM


3 1

I choose Save Me, hands down.

Posted Sep 9, 2021   07:26:12 AM

save me def tays voice amazing

Posted Sep 9, 2021   07:35:32 AM

Save Me 🎤

Posted Sep 9, 2021   07:44:43 AM

Hands down, Save Me!

Posted Sep 9, 2021   08:26:49 AM

But I mean, why you gotta make it SO hard. Like, both are amazing songs. 💔 

Posted Sep 9, 2021   08:28:21 AM


Nadya Bawazier / Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta, ID

Nooooo.... I love both songs, i can't choose..😭😩

Posted Sep 9, 2021   08:41:40 AM


Brittany Freeman / Harrisonburg, LA, US

1 4

Save Me is what I need ;)

Posted Sep 9, 2021   08:45:22 AM

Save me! It’s in my top 10 favorite Hanson songs. Love Song is a great one too, but if I have to choose it’s Save Me

Posted Sep 9, 2021   09:00:58 AM


Jessica Kaiser / Fairhope, AL, US

Anyone having trouble finding today’s vote on Twitter?? It’s not showing up for me:(

Posted Sep 9, 2021   09:06:32 AM


Jessica Jones / Irving, TX, US

No, don’t make me choose!! They’re both so good!!!

Posted Sep 9, 2021   09:07:41 AM

Finally an easy decision! Save Me all the way. Definitely in my Top 5 faves!!

Posted Sep 9, 2021   09:50:27 AM

both equally amazing, but have to go with Love Song <3

Posted Sep 9, 2021   10:06:04 AM

14 1 1

Save Me!
I was never really a fan of Love Song... I just can never get into it.  Save Me I love live.

Posted Sep 9, 2021   10:25:54 AM

A tough one again. Whoever is choosing the "rivals" is doing a good job making sure they are in the "same weight category" 😂

Posted Sep 9, 2021   10:41:28 AM


Jenine Tepsa / Penticton, BC, CA

Save Me duh easy choice

Posted Sep 9, 2021   10:47:00 AM


Rebecca Trubee / Marshfield, WI, US


Darn it all to heck!  Love, love them both. If I choose Taylor’s lead “Save Me”, can Isaac sing “Everyday”?

Posted Sep 9, 2021   11:04:01 AM

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