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Taylor Hanson
Tulsa , OK, US
Hi Hanson.net community. 

I wanted to be the first to inaugurate this forum, which in the past has been a place for sharing plans for great walk events and connecting with one another to make a difference fighting extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS in communities throughout Africa. 

From the time we took the first steps on the Take The Walk campaign back in 2007 until now, where we have had thousands of people join us and hundreds lead their own events all over the world. We began because we believe that the to combat huge challenges like extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS in communities in Africa, you have to ignite the power of the individual to connect to tangible solutions - shoes, water, education, medicine. We have done much together, and been lead by many individuals toward those goals, but we have a long road ahead.

One tool we use to ignite action is a one mile barefoot walk which you can join, or lead in a community anywhere in the world. Each one mile barefoot walk is an opportunity to connect personally with the reality of poverty, and a moment to rally others to raise funds and ignite ideas to make a difference for those living in extreme poverty. 

The future of Take The Walk, is built on new ideas, leadership and ongoing partnership with great community leaders in the countries and cities that we hope to aid, and we hope you will join us in continuing the journey to end extreme poverty. Through Take The Walk we hope to see great potential ignited not only in our communities to aid those in need, but to see in the coming years those we are serving become equipped to transform their communities, leading the way for us to follow.

Let's Walk - Taylor, Isaac and Zac Hanson 


Thank you Taylor.



Awesome, thanks Taylor.
As mentioned during the Anthem World Tour in Australia, us Aussie fans are incredibly eager to get involved and would love if a 'Take The Walk' with you guys could be organised (somehow?) during your next Australian tour ;)


Oh Thanks Taylor!  I remember all my Take The Walk. It was an honor to do it with you guys!



Keri Mase
Springdale, AR, US

I've participated in many walks and have even gotten some friends and family to join in the One Day Without Shoes every year.  I'd love to host a walk someday.

Thanks for doing what you do, T.


Sarah Gogola
Joliet, IL, US

thanks tay..your so sweet



i have enjoyed every walk i have done ,

some have been with you guys and some also with the uk street team , everyone has made me thing about so much i look forward to doing many more with you guys and also one of my own some time soon ,

a big thanks to you taylor



thanks taylor I cant wait for the walks the walk tours were the greatest moments ever on my life.



I've loved every walk I've done and am anxious for the opportunity for more! Thanks for all you do Taylor!





holly frees
Nashville, TN, US

love it!



Jennifer McWilliams
Oakville, ON, CA

The walks have been a real highlight of Hanson shows over the past 7 years. Thank you for taking the time and energy to hang out with your fans and help bring more light on important issues in our world!



Dionne Mcsweeney
Co. Cork, Cork, IE

Thanks Taylor. The walks are a pretty awesome experience


I would like to participate again, would be great to do a take the walk in my country. thanks Taylor.


thanks Tay, great experience! I can't wait to do it againg with you guys!



Thank you so much for inspiring me! I hosted my first walk this year and I am planning my next walk on World Water Day. That way I am hoping to get more partners that want to jump in as well. ;)  I am very greatful for the platform you've giving us, enabling us to take action. Something I have been wanting to do for such a long time. But I didn't get further than just donate to charity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 



Like I said to Tasneem, who wrote the article for the Varsity Newspaper which I sent to Tulsa with our walker register forms (I trust you got it), it's all about taking up the batton in a race someone else started, and just running with it.

Although the team from Health 4 Men that HIVSA sent to attend our walk, were asking eagerly when the next one is (we could have bargained on 2015), my health comes first, and I want to take the message of this campaign countrywide in 2018, with walks in all nine provinces.



Making a difference, one quiet and grateful step at a time.


Claudia I Martinez
Gulfport , Florida, US

Thank you :)


Your passion to make the world a better place is so inspiring!



Heather Bynum
Snead, Alabama, US

Thanks Taylor! I have never experienced a walk but hope to in the future :)



Monica Geist
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Thank you Taylor.



isabela safira dos santos carmo
Ananindeua-PA, ParĂ¡, BR




Liz Childers
Upland, California, US

You guys have been amazing in spreading the word and encouraging others to not only follow you on concert days but start their own walks its so inspiring to reach out to others and really try and make a difference in the world ;)


michelle wilson
Sharon, SC, US

I went on my first walk last november in Charlotte NC I had so much fun and it made my whole year :-) I smiled for a week straight my girls kept saying I needed a little more Hanson in my life LOL If I heard of another walk in my area I would deffintly (sp) go

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