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Hey y'all,

The last Hanson concert I attended, I went with two friends who were not members. While standing in the lineup, I seem to remember that an employee of the venue or a roadie came outside and asked the members to form one line, and the non-members to form another.

The idea was that the members would get into the venue first for the best seats, as the show was GA.

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this is still the case for the Wintry Mix tour? I was a longtime member but my membership recently expired, and I'm attending the Vancouver show this Saturday. I also realize that if I renew my membership, I won't receive the membership card in the mail in time to prove to the bouncer or whoever that I'm a member. If there is, in fact, a separate lineup for members, how would I show that I am a member without an card?

Thanks for any advice.

Anne aka tropicalsunrise



Leigh mentioned in another thread that when possible, there will be a member's line this tour, but that it won't be known until the day of show most likely. 

They've actually done away with the membership cards, so if you do renew - go to "My Account" and there is a "print member ID" option. I would just suggest screen capping/printing that.



Thanks so much for the info! Do you remember where the other thread was posted?



Laura Thorp
Owings Mills, Maryland, US

If not, it was in Tour Talk ;)



The link didn't work but I found it in Tour Talk, thanks!

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