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I heard an ad today that had Musical Ride in it. I just wondered whether Hanson is getting paid for it, or whether they figured it was obscure enough that nobody would recognize it? It was not the original recording; it was re-made and just had part of the song near the beginning. I didn’t catch what the ad was for. I only heard it once.

By the way I haven’t posted in here for about 20 years!



It would help if you could remember what the ad was for.  I always think the start of this Google Pixel 4 ad sounds a bit like the guitar and drums at the beginning of "Get The Girl Back".

P.S.  Welcome back, twenty years is a long time!



Lauren Sass
Reisterstown, Maryland, US

I 100% always think that the Pixel commercial is playing GTGB and then realize what's going on in an old man, shaking fist, "ah, you fooled me again" type of way.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

That Google commercial gets me every time too. You'd think I'd have realized by now lol

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