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Hey! I have a question:

I was a dumb when I decided to pay my membership, so I did it in May, cuz May is special, buuuuuuut, right now I have to renew my membership always before the hanson day new merch release! Duh.

My question is: If my membership expires in May 15, can I wait till the next month to renew without lost my pins? Cuz I wanna renew my membership and also it buy the new merchs availble. (The tax/ sheeping fee for international shopping isn't cheap).
Tks <3



You can renew at anytime.  However, If your membership lapses for any amount of time even for an hour, you will loose all your pins, ect.  Keep in mind most HDay merch is members only so you'll need a valid Hnet membership to purchase those items anyways.



Oh mine... that's what I'm thinkin about... I will need to do 2 purchases anyway: one just to renew the membership and another one, some days later to the "real" shopping and pay for 2 shipping tax... gezz. I usualy renew my membership in December early, so I wish I could change this date to make my shopping easier. 
Tks, @lilswede18 . 



I plan to renew for 2020 in December this year when the option comes available. There's too much happening next year with an album, related packages and possible tour dates to plan for.



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

My membership expires in March, but I always renew in December. 

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