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New here, and maybe I have looked in every spot except where I am suppose to, but how in the world do I turn on email notifications? I had someone pm and I had no idea until I logged back into my account. I would also like to be notified of new blog posts, calendar updates, etc. Thanks for the help!



Hi. Click your name at the top (the one in BLOCK CAPITALS right next to Points Earned. Then click on SETTINGS. Right at the top of that page there are two rows of two columns. On the right the second row says "receive daily notification of forum replies". Click that. Then of course make sure that HNET has your current email address.

Fair warning. It has been a long time since I received these emails, but they have started again. But through that you get news of what threads you have been involved in, that have been commented further on.

Notification of PM's has never been available, and one can only get that byb logging in and checking.



As stated above the only notifications are those for replies to posts you've participated in. 

Sign up in the bottom left for the newsletter if you haven't already, as the weekly newsletters do touch on some of the news and events posted.

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