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Morning! I, uh, took a while (like close to a year) to renew my membership here (unstable finances, boring personal life stuff, doesn't matter) and I have a question: Will I get a new membership card with my package, or do I keep using the old one? I still have it,  just wondering, since my old pins and points all disappeared.



Hold on to your membership cards. They will be a sort of collector's item soon. Cards were discontinued this year. Membership at fan club events is now done by accepted ID documents and a printed member ID which is attached to your profile page. If you let your previous membership lapse at all, your points and pins have all been reset.

There was a time a few years back when it was rumoured that the cards might be used for other things as well but those plans must have fallen through and it just makes more sense not to bother with printing them anymore, as nice as they were.


Oooh, that's what that Print ID thing means. Thanks. And I knew the pins and points would go away, so I was prepared for that.


I can't find my old cards. 



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

you don't need one anymore



Great idea for those of us overseas, but I am questioning why there is a postage amount of $50.28 to Australia attached to my membership renewal, when a) it was only $17 last year and b) most everything to do with membership is online/digital.  I have email customer service 3 days ago but no response yet



Please see the post about this is the members side Help forum - you'll find your answer there.  =)



Do I have to print my membership card to get in the menbers only line at events, or can they scan it from my phone?



take a screen shot of it on your phone (just incase there are connection issues) but keeping it on your phone is fine. 

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