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Hey everyone! If there is a members line for the Cleveland show tomorrow, where would I find that listed? Also, my husband is going with me. Would he be admitted with me, or would I be the only one allowed in?



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

You get a number when your arriv e if you are the in the first 60 people 



They've been announcing the day of on their Instagram and or Twitter if the member line is happening.  Everyone in that line must be a fan club member, so no your husband would have to stand in the general line or purchase a membership of his own. 



Falon Miles
Gilford, NH, US

How long is the Members line in Boston right now? :)



Jennifer McWilliams
Oakville, ON, CA

My husband and I got in the back of the members line at Cleveland, 5min before doors, and were 3rd row centre. THANK YOU HANSON, once again, for the members line! I think it is one of the best perks of being a member!!!

All that to say, when the line was announced I had my husband renew at the restaurant. No one checked us as being members, so technically I think we could have gotten in without being members, which isn't cool. I think we missed the check through as we also got in without bracelets on for alcohol. 

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