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Lindsay Gresh
Fletcher, North Carolina (NC), US

Hey, y'all! I've got a ticket to the Atlanta show this year, and I don't have anyone to go with or room with. Anyone else planning on going? And if so, would you like to room together or at least meet up at the show? I'm a lone Hanson fan from Asheville...not too many of us from my part of the woods, and it's especially hard getting any of my friends to go. I promise I'm normal, lol, well, at least easy to get along with, anyway, lol. A little about me: I'm Taylor's age, been a fan since '97, reclaimed my fandom in college (after wrongly assuming they had bit the dust), Live & Electric at Myrtle Beach was my first Hanson show. I'm not married, no kids, I have a cat, I'm a bit of a nerd/dork, and work way too much. Ask me anything, I'm an open book. Now tell me about you.



Lisa Dobbs
LaVergne, Tennessee, US

 Kelli Cloud and I will be there! We could meet before or after the show!



I will be there with my friend Candice. We are sitting in the balcony.



Kelli Cloud
Tazewell , Tennessee, US

Yes me and Lisa Dobbs got balcony seats. We could meet up somewhere or something. I love meeting new fansons. My first Hanson concert so I'm pretty hyped about it. Been a fan since '97. You can read my bio lol. 



I'll be at the show with my best friend who's also visiting Atlanta. We have general admin tickets by the stage. We love meeting new friends, you can hang out with us a bit if you'd like :) 



Going w my best friend, always room for more!



Hey, I'm from your part of the woods! I'm in Hendersonville, me and my friend will be at the Atlanta show too :)

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