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This will be my first time going to Hanson's concert in Vegas and I was just wondering if they stay after the show and sign autographs and take pics like they do in SLC? If so, where does everyone go? I've never been to the venue so I don't even know if it's a thing? The concert will be my daughters 10th birthday and she said she wants to meet them like her big sister did when I took her two years ago. Thank you for any info!


Most shows they will quickly greet fans near the tour bus.  I have read that the loading area is on Mandalay Bay Drive next to (west) of the driveway entrance to Mandalay Bay.   I've read that people do hang out there after the shows.  I haven't done this personally, so this information may not be accurate.  



Mayra Aceves
Mexico, DF, MX

During the MoE tour we did hang out outside Mandalay Bay, however since the bus is in an enclosed space divided by a small wall, it is not too easy for the guys to get close. 


Thank you guys! That really helps. :D 

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