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Caitlin Notheisz
Drayton Valley, Alberta, CA

Hey! So I’m travelling to Toronto from AB for the shows. I’m going alone since hubby is staying home with the kids. Any women interested in an afternoon in the city on the 21st? Thinking the tower and dinner, then the show? I’m staying near the theatre, so walking distance. I’ve never been there before so it’ll be a new experience lol! And a boring one alone! Let me know if you’re around and want to hang out for the afternoon! 



Amanda Bailey
Windsor, ONT, CA

Im not sure i can afford dinner at the CN tower... But if you would?like o site see I can hold a spot I  line for you..  I love Toronto and Alberta for me is home. Enjoy your visit. My name is Amanda. We can meet while there if you would like



I'm not going to the concerts in Toronto but have a nice trip! I was in Toronto exactly one year ago today! I went there for the Finally It's Christmas concerts and I loved the city! 

If you want a cool and different place to have dinner you should try The Warehouse. They have a $5 menu, the place is a bit crowded but the food is awesome (loved their chicken and maple waffle sandwich!) and they're always playing Hanson there, they love 90s music!
It's on 232 Queen St. West. 



Did you stay at hotel x?? I stayed there for the nov. 20 show with my niece! 

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