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I would love to know if the guys plan some Christmas Concerts this year? Last year, it was only a few schows and the boys said they would love to do this again with more schows in Europe.



Kaitlin Walbright
Columbus, OH, US

Not a tour like they did last year, but maybe a couple radio shows. the tour last year was to support the new cd



I really can't see a tour like this being done just randomly. As stated, last year it was to mark an anniversary and promote a new album. Realistically, I can only imagine a full Christmas show being done at Back To The Island... but then again, Hanson have surprised before. 

However, this year they will be going around and playing with orchestras, and building up to (if I understand correctly) some international String Theory dates before closing that chapter in Tulsa in May. I honesty can't imagine they have the time for much more... but we have been surprised before... like when Hanson was on tour but yet Zac took out a bit of time to give us a Hallowe'en song that year (I think that may have been Moster Jam but I stand to correction). So anything is literally possible.



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

I would  love this since I had to miss last years 



Erin Pocock
Conyers, GA, US

given how few there were last year i wouldn't really call it a tour. it was a very select few shows all of which were nowhere even remotely close to travel distance for me. :( that really bummed me out. my favorite music of theirs is christmas. 



michelle tribble
Excelsior Springs, MO, US

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to a Christmas show!! Crossing my fingers! 

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