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so i just looked at the forecast for sunday and apparently 10-20cm of snow is expected in greater Manchester that day and that the Met Office has changed the alert level to Amber. 

I hope it chills out tomorrow and they say just kidding bc even an inch of bloody snow shuts the country down, despite it happening every year we never seem prepared!

I really want to go to this gig, but I'm not about to be stranded in Manchester when I've got work on Monday ( London) and my baby at home!

Anyone else worried about the roads yet? Or am I having a solo freak out ?



we flew into manchester yesterday. it looked like the surroundings of manchester is already snowed in. it was really niece to see it during landing.

we had no problems to get from the airpot to our hotel. theres no snow (or its gone again) directly in manchester for now. 

I hope this is a little help for you? are you coming by car?


I'm worrying about this too. This country is terrible at coping with snow! I'm coming from Liverpool which is close to Manc, but both places hardly ever get snow (even when everywhere else does) and nobody is used to it. Fingers crossed it's just the media overreacting...It's supposed to snow all day Sunday then stop just before the gig.



I'm hoping they're overreacting too, i just don't want to get up there but then the storm is so bad my bus home is cancelled, you know? the city centre is forecast for heavy snowfall between 4am-6pm tomorrow. The M4 is already closed in parts due to planned roadworks! not excited for any further delays (a 5hr bus is bad enough, lol!) My friend is planning on driving from Derby and she's a bit worried too. We are going to assess tonight i think, but if the alert stays or gets worse we may need to rethink our plans. 


Sunday's Amber weather warning for Greater Manchester has been downgraded to Yellow, despite a heavy flurry of unexpected snow for many this morning.

Until around 6pm this evening, 2-5cm of snow is expected to fall, before easing off until around 8am on Sunday morning.

Snow showers are then expected to persist until around 4pm on Sunday - with the warning still sitting at Yellow.

While the Met Office predicts this could still have an impact on travel both on the roads and trains, they have said the heaviest and most frequent snow showers will be confined to northeast Scotland today. But the Yellow warning remains in place for Greater Manchester for the whole of Sunday. The Yellow warning reads: "A spell of snow is expected on Sunday."Within the warning area, 1-5 cm of snow is possible quite widely with up to 10 cm in places. Over higher ground, 20 cm is possible in a few places.

The snowfall should continue throughout the weekend, with a 'tricky band' pushing up from the south-west which is likely to lead to more persistent showers tomorrow.

It should be brighter and a little warmer on Monday and Tuesday, according to forecasts.


Aww I hope you can make it. That new forecast sounds a lot better though! 



being downgraded to yellow is a good sign... and i figure if the derby is still going ahead then it should be okay haha... you know everyone was just panicking saying the football may be called off and i was like um... not excited to get on a bus in that weather!



I'm in the bus from London to Manchester now and the roads are terrible. I hear many European flights canceled. Is everyone ok?

I hope all fans get there safely, and the guys as well!



Yeah woke up to a snow covered london and severe tube delays... bus running as scheduled but the state of the route loos so dodgy and my friend who was driving is completely snowed in (pun not intended). 

devestated but we are giving it a miss. not worth the risk. hope everyone else who makes it has a great time x



Vicki Meese
Stourbridge, West Midlands, GB

Just about to attempt bus/train travel from the West Midlands in the snow. All my fingers crossed! Safe travels everyone X 



It's looking better now, roads are lots safer than this morning :)


Jess Nadal
Bridgend , RCT, GB

We are travelling from South Wales and have 2 hours to go! Roads are ok just a bit slushy. 

Take care everyone see you soon!


It's fine in Manchester don't worry guys. We came to stay with a friend expecting loads of

Snow and bought loads of kit for our 3 yr old who hasn't seen snow.

And it's 4 inches back at home in Herefordshire and none here!!!

Drive safe though x

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