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Hey all!

I’m supposed to fly down to LA today for the FIC show! The only thing is I’m kinda nervous about these fires... I’m new to California,  so can anyone tell me what to expect? Is there any danger that the fire will spread to downtown LA? Being trapped in a fire is one of my biggest fears lol


Don't be worried. LA is a big city. The will cause a lot of traffic.


You’ll be fine. The venue is pretty far from all the fires. If you plan on waiting outside in line for a while, I’d consider bringing a particulate respirator mask because I’m not sure how the air quality is over there (it’s pretty bad in the valley, which is further north). You can find them at Lowe’s or Home Depot. That’s only if you’re really worried about your lungs though and want to be extra cautious about smoke inhalation. The fire will not get to where we are though, don’t worry!

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