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I am new to and I was wondering how you get in early with membership, do I just show my barcode? Are they doing it for the Finally it's Christmas shows?       Thanks!



Katelyn Frankum
Hamilton, Ontario, CA

Hey Welcome MarieLynn :) From what i know, they have members only lines at select shows- not at every show.

I have not heard anything about a members only line for the FIC shows, i know at the shows in Toronto that i was at, they didn't have them as we all had assigned seats.

I think this may be something that you would be finding out at the venue once you arrive, it never hurts to get there early if you are able :)



Check out the Tour FAQ under FAQ at the bottom of each page.  It explains Skip The Line.  Then check out the banners running on top of the forums and the main Hnet page for info about the FIC skip the line.


Thanks! They did not do it here! 


I have not heard anything about a members only line for the FIC shows too. I check the whole page but i don't found any informations about the FIC ones :( Do you can tell me if there will be a line in the Uk? Thank you


Just in a few days is the concert in the Uk, can someone answer my question if there will be a Members only line? Thank you



@countrygirl - they didn't have them at any of the FIC shows in the states so far so I'd doubt they'd do it at the Manchester show - these shows seem a bit different, no openers just hanson right after doors, seem a bit more relaxed. If you don't have a current membership I wouldn't get one for this show as it looks like there aren't any perks available for this show :)


@NancyPants, thanks for your answer. Sure i would register me, when i know it for sure that there is a Skip the line. But the Box Office from the Ritz 02 in the Uk don't know about FC line so maybe there is no Members only line?


They did have a Members Only line at the Chicago FIC shows

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