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Dallas concert is tomorrow night and I got an original email saying I got chosen for the meet and greet.  Sent back my information but have yet to hear anything?  Tried to fill out email form but nobody had contacted me back.  Does anyone have a phone number for customer service?  Not sure what to do now?


Got the information....just should have had a little more patience!!


We had quite a few delays getting Dallas together.


Same situation for me except I still haven't heard anything about the Dallas M&G since I replied as instructed... Any suggestions?



Hi! I received an initial email about the M&G on 9/15 in New Orleans. I replied within the specified time period but haven't heard anything back yet. This will be my first M&G, so I just want to make sure everything's okay. Sounds like it may be normal to hear back the afternoon before the show...? Anyone else have any experiences? 



Follow up emails can arrive up to 24 hours prior (sometimes even closer).  Check out the pinned post in Tour Talk for updates.  Typically once a city is listed as final is when the follow up emails are then sent. Also make sure to have all emails on your white/approved list to ensure delivery of all contact.

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