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Idk if there will be a MO line or not for Birmingham, but either way, what time should we get there to ensure we can get at least in the first three rows? It's GA standing room only but we'd like to be as close to the stage as possible obviously :) 



Unless otherwise noted on the tour/calendar page, you can assume each city WILL have a member's line. As of right now, there are no notes for Birmingham, so there will likely be a line.

There's no saying how early other people are going to line up, and if the people are lining up early are even goig to be members. It's a tough call, but however early you're able to get there, I would just go at that time. 


It's about a 2-2.5 hour drive. The only factor that would slow me down are waiting for my friend to get here so we can ride together because she's about an hour away from me in the opposite direction. But we SHOULD get there by 4pm at the very latest. Doors open at 7pm. 


Is* waiting 



Like StephITZ123 mentioned, It's really hard to say because each city is different.

But some fans show up as early in the morning to noon. Others come a bit later, if there is a MOE in the city your going to you will probably want to get there much earlier then 4 pm. Good Luck  



I remember one fan showed up the morning the day before the show once. It was a while before others showed up.



Katie Wanta
Orange, CT, US

There will most likely be people who arrive very early the morning of the show, if not the night before.  I would assume if people are putting in that much effort to wait in line, they will also be members. (In Australia at one of the shows once people saw how long the members & general lines were, they were signing up for memberships on the spot to be in the members only line)  I would just suggest getting there as early as you can or feel comfortable with.


Well unfortunately I won't be able to get there until about 4 PM  so I'm hoping that there won't be a line already for members.  I've also seen a lot of members on here  selling their tickets for Birmingham.  So maybe it will work in my favor and I won't have any line competition ! 


ashlee tagmyer
bel air, maryland, US

People still show up the night before a show? What is going on in the world. To much to do for all that. LOL I did that one time when I was like 16. No thanks lol just saying :-D



Jaquaida Kinney
Tampa, Florida, US

^^ I still saw that about 6 years ago. we did a pre run the day before the show and there was a line.


I mean that's just crazy! Like Ashlee said, who has time for that?! I'm a mom! And I live 2.5 hours away! 



Carrie Nairn
Hagerstown , Maryland , US

for _Pittsburgh I'll be getting in for Squezze time for the show have to work that day but Philly members line yes but no openers  helps it be not so late thankgoodness .



Shannon Jenne
Zeeland , MI , US

I love your comment ashtag87! I just started cracking up!! It's almost like people turn into 16 yr old girls, or psychos!! I've seen pushing and shoving. People screaming at each other, and all out fist fights!! Over a Hanson concert?! Aren't we all adults now? 



I was planning to get there around 3pm. We have a 5 hour drive but now I think we may need to leave a lot earlier lol


What is the benefit of the MOE line? I'm a member and will have my husband and son with me (they aren't members, so I don't know if they would be able to stand with me for whatever it is?). Anyone know about Raleigh? We won't get there until about 2:30, but I'm hoping we'll be able to get fairly close to the front so my kid can see what's going on. 



@carolinagirl83, the members only line is just that - for members only.  (That line gets in earlier than the general admission line so you would be able to find a spot closer to the stage.)  If your husband and son aren't members and you want to stay with them, then you would have to wait in the general admission line (or buy them memberships).


michelle wilson
Sharon, SC, US

I'm going to Raleigh and I am going to get there as early as I can but my husband drives me and I know he will want to work at least a half day and we have a 3 hour drive. I am not going to hold my breath on the members only line. I haven't kept very close track to what has happened so far with the members only lines but what I have heard wasn't anything to get excited about some let both lines in at the same time. All I heard was lots of running. I will be happy if I'm about 6 to 10 feet from the stage. If I can get closer awesome! If not I'm still going to enjoy the music. I am short so I will have my fingers crossed I don't have a repeat of the last concert I went to. I made sure I could see everyone before the guys came out but as soon as they did all these tall people shifted so I spent the whole concert on my tiptoes trying to peak around everyone to get a glimpse of the stage ugh. I was about 10 foot from the stage but I arrived at the venue right at 6pm so I didn't think I had a bad spot for how late I got there just that I'm short and all those people shifted.



Megan McNeill
Urbandale, IA, US

I also have about a 2 1/2-hour drive. Luckily, this time I will be able to make a day of it (I've only been able to do that one or two other times in the past). My friend and I are leaving the morning of show day, meeting up with fellow Fansons for lunch or dinner, getting in line and then heading home after we've waited by the buses and hopefully gotten to see the guys (at least, that's the plan!). I'm so excited and so glad that my friend can make the trip with me. Gonna be a long day and night but so worth it.

@RDressler28 I hope you're able to get to the MO line in time!


thanks @eek, I didn't realize we got in sooner, that's cool! (I only joined a couple years ago and haven't been to any concerts in forever.)

@lasalle, I'm in the same boat. My husband is working a half day and my son is doing a half day of school, so we'll leave about 12:30. Also have a 2.5 hour drive. 



I've seen a mix o everything, I've driven straight from one show to the other and spent the night in line before.  Occasionally i was within the 1st twenty people or so to be on line, occassionally I was not.  Then of course sometimes there were 10 people in front of me at 6am, but by the time all the friends arrive and such i'm 50+ people back......then there's the mo lines and the walk and how security handles cutting/saving spots, etc... Its all kinda a crap shot in my personal opinion.  I've gotten there super early only to get held up by security (slow ticket taker, multiple lines emerging from one line, etc) I have been in the front part of a line, just to have some members not take the walk and form a new line while we were on the walk and then ended up 75+ people back....

I'm only 5'1 so to waste a day in line just to end up smushed in the middle of a crowd not being able to see anything really detracts from the entire experience.


How do we prove we're members so that we can get into the Members Only line? 


Jeanie, if you go to My Account, the option to Print Member ID is under there. 


I plan on getting to Nashville line around noon. I'll be arriving at my mom's, who's only a short distance away, on Friday (day before show). I plan on helping her get my two boys settled into lunch, grab some lunch to go, and head out with my friend. If my husband is able to go with me to my mom's then I may be able to leave with my friend earlier but I don't plan on being there anytime before 10  I want to spend some time with my mom while I'm in town 


On Saturday I plan on helping her...* 

I wish we could edit comments on here. Can you?



Erin Holland
Portsmouth, VA, US

You say you want the first 3 rows but then comment about how getting there super early is crazy. That's unfortunately what you have to do if you want the first 3 rows. And just because someone chooses to line up early to get up front doesn't mean they're going to be psychos and push and shove etc. Some of us are nice normal people who choose to get there at the crack of dawn in order to get the best seat in the house. I don't like sitting on a city street for 12 hours beforehand, but it's worth it, despite the hassle. In my personal experience, getting there at 4pm means you'll probably be in the middle of the pack, however the member's line has been shaking things up so who knows. 

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